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Feel Better in 5 {& It’s Not By Getting Your Portrait Taken}!

Feel Better in 5 without getting my portrait taken? Weird, I know, since everyone loves getting their portraits taken.

Happy Wednesday!

This week we’re taking a detour from the camera life. If you’ve been around here for awhile you know I try to bring something helpful to the SMP blog. And, I love all genre of books.

So today I’m focusing on the book part of helping out. {But did ya see how I put the camera lingo in too? I can’t help myself.😏} This week marks one-month since I put some of Dr Chatterjee’s suggestions into practice.

The book, Feel Better in 5, by Dr Rangan Chatterjee, reshapes the idea of doing activity in 5-minutes to feel better.

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He writes about “health snacks” that can be accomplished in 5-minute spurts throughout the day so that any one of us can fit them in our schedule. You also pick what three “snacks” best fit your lifestyle.

By framing our activity into 5-minute “health snacks” we’re more successful in keeping with the routine. Or better yet, make it an everyday, toothbrushing habit.

One striking phrase in the review validates what most of us already know,

“Behavioral science shows that most plans simply aren’t built to last.​”

“To get healthy and stay that way, you need a program that doesn’t force you to shape your life around its demands. Feel Better in 5 gives you a program that shapes itself around your life. It is your daily five-minute prescription for a happier, healthier you.”

We’re busy right? Keeping up with a strict eating or exercise program gets daunting. For me, late Summer into the end of the year gets hectic. Like, how-many-days-is-too-many-too-many-to-use-dry-shampoo busy. And I always notice lower exercise minutes recorded on my watch.

Perfect timing! I came across Feel Better in 5 just before my first can of dry shampoo ran out.

Dr. Chatterjee outlines how we take 5-minutes, 3-times/day to get us ‘moving’ to a feel better lifestyle.

  • He brings in yoga {need I say more}
  • Let’s dance {yep, I’m in}
  • Smoothie ideas {my achilles heel, but I keep trying}
  • Your favorite sport {or child’s}
  • HIIT exercises
  • Nice & easy exercises
  • Just breathe
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It’s all in the book and pretty much adjusts to every lifestyle.

Don’t make time to read? He has a podcast too. Each section in the book references a segment on his podcast.

If you sit at your computer most of the day raise your hand.

He’s got us covered there too. I’ve been listening to his podcast while I edit this Fall. So even if you don’t want to carve out time to read the book, find it on audio or listen to his podcast or YouTube, Feel Better Live More.

SMP Note:: Mario Forleo has a lot of good book suggestions. Every Tuesday she has an author or inspirational guest on Marie TV. That’s where I found this book.

Until next week…Cheers & Sparkles to your days!

💖Andrea | Your Photographer + Book Enthusiast

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P.P.S Have you seen The Five-Minute Journal too? It’s another good one for getting in what we want even when we don’t have much time on the agenda.☺️

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