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Spring Style | A Pop of Spring Ideas

Here’s a POP For Your Spring Style Wardrobe!

Spring style + all the new colors are popping everywhere! I fill the SMP blog with all kinds of ideas to help you plan for your Spring High School Senior Session + Brand Headshots.

This is a quick post this week, but I’ve linked to other great Spring ideas from the blog below.

SMP SideNote:: Use the current fashion trends for Spring Style as a guide. Make your wardrobe your own kind of style. That is the best way to tell your high school chapter or capture your branding headshots.

Okay, back to this quick fashion-pick-me-up for your…

  • Nails
  • Color
  • Accessories
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We’ve been all about Spring Style this month because we are beyond excited to get outside. And photo ready.

These little details, may not seem like much, but they make a big difference!

Focusing on the details adds to your story. This is the real piece behind all those photos we capture. We are telling your story down to that color you’re wearing your pinky finger.

We’re showcasing YOU along with your Spring Style choices!

So you don’t ever wear nail polish – that’s cool, brush a clear coat on for your pictures and your’e ready go. And if you don’t want any at all, just keep them a’natural + clean so when your hands pop up in the photo they don’t distract from your beautiful self.

A french manicure look is my favorite spring look + it’s timeless! This is always the ideal choice for your branding headshots. And why not pamper yourself a little bit before your epic photo session. Oh, yes, you do deserve it and you should make the time for it. And why you’re at it, why not a pedi too.

You never know in our Illinois Spring-time, it could be warm enough on your shoot day to run around in your sandals or bare feet 😉 And then you could add a toe-ring to your accessory list. That’s falls under the micro-detail category right there😆

Choose Spring Colors that match your skin tone

All of the Spring style colors are pretty to look at, but they don’t always like us back. For example, I love yellow, but after a long cold Chicago winter, yellow won’t make my wardrobe list for photos. Now late Summer, after I’ve been relaxing on the water…that’s a possibility.

However, if you absolutely love the bright + cheerful color of yellow. you can add that color to your background like we did for Abbie.

spring-colors, senior-pictures, bright

What Accessories tell your tale?

Part three are the accessories of your story. Include pieces that you love to wear or always wear for your Spring photos. Hats are all the glamor these days and there are so many, sooooooo many kinds to shoot your memory in.

Do you like baseball caps, wide-brimmed hats, inspirational hats, stocking hats…

Don’t wear hats, then move onto all the pieces in your wardrobe. Monogrammed necklaces are super popular this year. Or create cute personalized bracelets that In The Grove Designs makes for you + your bff. She can even come along for a few photos together in your senior session.

Are these giving you ideas to start your Spring styles planning?

Take this years Spring color palette, make it your own, and capture THIS MOMENT.

And if you’re ready for more ideas to help, I have three more blog posts linked just above Miranda’s graduation photo down there.

A new SMP blog post springs up every Wednesday, I make it easy to find if you’re with me::

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💖Your Story-Telling Photographer

P.S. three more Spring style idea posts::



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