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I?ve met quite a few seniors in my years of doing photography, and many girls are unsure about their makeup, or how to prepare their makeup routine for their session. ?Some girls are eager for a classic, minimal, and simple look, and others want a more model-like feel. You can still have fresh, simple and pretty makeup, no matter where you fall on the spectrum, and even if you?re not a huge fan of getting ?dolled up?.?There is a huge difference between everyday makeup and camera-ready makeup. Even for the girls who do not love makeup, just a small amount of products can make the biggest difference in your final photographs! There is a huge value to considering how to best enhance your natural beauty, even if you don?t wear makeup every day.

For those who opt not to include a makeup artist in their collection (find my collection options here), I?m sharing tips and options here today!

  1. Amp up your lashes, and add eye shadow: Lashes are a great and easy way to make your eyes pop, so put on mascara (being sure to avoid clumps or large pieces of dried mascara. Using a spooly brush is the best way to comb through them after application). Use a contrasting color of eyeshadow to make your natural color pop, such as brown or copper for blue eyes, or purple for green or hazel eyes. Remember that makeup gets washed out easily on camera, so put on just a touch more than you?d wear for everyday. Even if it looks dramatic, it will even out in your photos.

ShiningMoments_Seniors_00042. Stick to matte, SPF-free makeup:?Hit up your nearby makeup counter to be professionally matched to the right color of matte, SPF free foundation. No one wants streaky lines or obvious makeup lines around the chin or neckline. SPF can cause an unnatural glow when used with a camera flash. Try asking your makeup counter for a small sample size or trial size makeup for your session, so you don?t have to purchase a whole new bottle if you normally use sunscreen. Blend everything well so there are no visible lines.




3. Never neglect the lips, even if it’s clear gloss or chapstick. A slightly shimmery lip adds depth and color to your photos and prevents your lips from looking ultra-light or washed out. Even a simple nude gloss can be very flattering and pull your whole look together. Lastly, don?t ever let the day of your milestone session be the first time you?re trying out your makeup look. Enlist a friend or parent who is a makeup pro to help you do a ?trial run?, so you?re feeling comfortable before the big day!

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