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Graduation Announcements | Creative Tips

Grad Cards 101
Tips for Creating Graduation Announcements

The end of May marks our graduation season here in Sycamore + surrounding areas, and I love getting graduation announcements in the mail!

It’s Christmas cards season in May! I display each card we get on the wall and celebrate the milestone of friends and family.

But, times change, and today I’m writing tips about what Graduates {or Mom’s of Graduates} should be putting on the cards for high school and college grads.

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Graduation Card Tips::

1/ If you’re having a graduation party, print the details on the announcements or place a printed insert inside

  • Make a template on your computer with a pretty fonts + cardstock. The insert style is helpful if you’re trying to save space on your invites, or if you already printed them before planning your party.

2/ Sending a graduation/ceremony announcement, it’s just that, an announcement

  • It’s not a request for gifts. People like to hear about your achievement + seeing recent photos of you. Especially out-of-town family and friends who haven’t seen the graduate in a loooong time.
  • But, some do want to send gifts, so remember to include your full address on your envelopes. No registries or suggested gifts – it’s a BIG MILESTONE, but it’s not you’re wedding day😆
  • If gifts are sent, keep a detailed list and send a thank you card…Proper etiquette any year.
  • SMP can custom design beautiful thank you cards along with your graduation announcements. Add personalization for your year. Find out about our graduation cards.
high-school, grad-announcement, high-school-seniors, high-school-photographers, high-school-seniors, graduation-etiquette

3/ Send grad cards + party invites 3-4 weeks before the event

  • If you have a lot of out-of-town invites going out, abide by a minimum of six weeks prior to your event.

Graduation announcements may not seem like much, when you think of all the senior portraits you’ve printed and will keep forever, but as one who has sent + received many graduation cards, it’s a really big deal.

Yes, I’m obviously a photo-obsessed girl, but I love seeing them. And just like my Christmas cards, they probably stay up on my card wall a little longer than most, but trust me, I’m NOT the only one.

My grandmother has a floor-to-ceiling display of mailed cards + photos of all her grandkids. More are kept than you think, so why not make it an AMAZING GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENT!

Need senior portraits that are uniquely you for these gorgeous announcements? CONTACT SMP TODAY!

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highschool-senior-photographer, cards

Cheers & Sparkles to your Graduation Memories!

💖Andrea | Your High School Senior Photographer

P.S. Are you getting my SMP SHINE newsletter? I’ve created the PERFECT PARTY PLANNER for you.

P.P.S. If you like creating your own graduation announcements, I can help you out there too:: Basic Invite has high quality + great templates. Use my code for an added bonus!

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