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It’s a GO for Graduation party ideas!

The graduation announcements are going out and so are the party invitations for the class of 2021! And if ever there was a class who deserved a party…it’s 2021!

The party planning is underway and this week is the perfect time to share some of my favorite graduation party ideas to help you throw a FUN + HAPPY event! {And actually throwing confetti is fun too!}

Six ideas shiny ideas coming at-cha…

Six graduation party ideas to go out with a pop::

1/ A Fun Theme::

A theme is a great way to tie together all your ideas, games, or decor. It gives you a direction + most party shops organize their products around themes.

  • “Through The Years” theme – ! A great way to emphasize this theme is a photo banner with photos through each school year. It’s fun for everyone to see the photos and makes a great {+funny} conversation piece!
  • Sports theme – If the Graduate has played a sport, or sports forrrr-ever, or playing into college, decorate around that theme
  • Oh the Places You Will Go – One of my favorite Dr Seuss Books, Add school year high-points, through high school years and then announcing what’s coming next for the Graduate.
  • Pool Party – Make it all beach themed. We’re all ready for warmer weather & being outside for the fun again {have hoola hoops, water games, Bags, beach volleyball…}

2/ Photo Boss::

In the flurry of trying to get everything ready, often a photographer is the overlooked detail. Be sure to ask someone specifically to snap photos during your party or open house, and capture every guest, as well as the decor. Or set out disposable cameras on the tables and see what your guests snap for you. At the very least try to get some photos to include in your memory album. With all the activity going on I’ve always found it better to have a friend or younger sibling in the family help with this so your assured some special candid moments.

graduation party, high school senior, sycamore photographer

3/ Words of Wisdom::

A truly wise graduate knows they can glean wisdom from all their friends and family, and it’s really fun to read what guests share. I have some ideas for this on my Pinterest Party Board for you.

On Party day have the wisdom jar, school color markers, and pre-cut slips of paper so guests can jot down words of wisdom, anecdotes, or memories. A fun, and funny, memento for the senior to read after the party, or take their favorites to tack to their dorm cork board first semester.

4/ Candy Land::

Who doesn’t love a Candy Bar, or Popcorn Bar, S’Mores, Sundaes… A station where guests can gather, chat, create AND EAT SOME SWEETS! My Pinterest Graduation Board also gives ideas on creating these stations too.

Cellophane bags can be found at a local crafts store or the dollar store. Fill large glass or plastic containers with various types of candy. Take it up a notch and color-theme in the high school colors or new college colors.

5/ Autograph Please::

Put together a photo book for guests to sign or get a photo signing board and have friends + family sign their names + a happy memory. Similar idea to the memory/wisdom jar above, but you’re able to hang this one on your wall! This is the SMP 12×12 signing board size. In two of the Senior Collections there is a product credit that you can use to have a signing board made for your party/keepsake.

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6/ Photo Booth Fun::

Add a Photo Booth at your party + crazy props, and compile all the images into a book to look back + laugh on later! And yes, I have photo booth backdrop ideas in the same Pinterest Graduation Party Idea board.

Parents + Graduates of the Class of 2021 I’m wishing you all the Sparkle – Shine – and Celebration you can possibly fit into these last few months of your final high school year!

Cheers to your graduation fun!

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