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Yearbook Pictures | Has Your Senior Packet Arrived?

It’s about that time of year again… Yearbook Pictures!

Those infamous senior packets explaining your yearbook pictures + your time slot to go into school {or maybe just outside this year} are coming home!

That’s the neon packet signaling that you’ve made it to the TOP of the halls.

If you have those details in your excited hands you already know your photo date. {Some schools have you sign up online through the yearbook company}.

Did you know that yearbook pictures in our area are contracted?

Seniors go in for their appointment to take the standard pose + a few other options. These are more cookie-cutter choices with limited backgrounds.

Picture an assembly-line where seniors are shuffled through each station and then out the door. It’s efficient, but not much of a memorable experience to start off your last year of high school.

This is your YEAR OF LASTS! And it deserves FUN + relaxed wherever we can find it.

Celebrate this last year at locations that hold good memories for you. Go to a location that’s lively or relaxing, urban or natural. You won’t be back next year. {Right? You’re not planning on making “high school student” a career move are you?}

I’ve got some good news! You can take your yearbook pictures with the high school company.

And then…

Schedule your senior portraits with Shining Moments Photography!

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EXCITEMENT! Right!? That’s a senior something to get excited + dance around about! Choose a fun time, where you can plan out your outfits, choose some music to play, and have backdrops that tell your story.

Your senior pictures



the last formal portraits taken until your wedding day!

Don’t you want them to be fun? Shouldn’t you look back at your high school images and smile? {And true, when you’re 30-years out from high school you’ll also get a good chuckle at the trends ‘back then’. My senior pictures are still on the wall at my parents house.}

We can’t go backwards.

This memory + this season of your life is irreplaceable and not repeatable.

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I walk you through every step of curating this last senior high school moment. If you’re wondering which collection is right for you, have a peek at the SMP Services Page where I lay out the Collections for::

This page outlines the Senior Girl Collections + FAQ’s to get you started

And for my senior guys, your very own page also with the Collections + FAQ

Forward thinking, but when you’re starting your next chapter, I’m here to help😉

And if your question wasn’t answered on that page, please send me a message! I’m a Mom-small-business who specializes in high school senior photography + your professional headshots. I’ve had my own high school graduate so I speak from experience there too… There is no repeat – no going back. I’m pleading for you to capture this once-in-a-lifetime-shining-moment.

We’ve seen it happen – Life changes in a nano-second…

But our captured memories are forever!

Let’s talk + plan your wardrobe, the activities, hobbies, and so much more. Get your high school last in YOUR memory book forever!

It’s about a lot more than a yearbook snapshot!

I’m ready to chat!

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💖Your HighSchool Senior Photographer

P.S. How can I help you when it comes to your senior pictures? Here are just a few ideas::

P.P.S There is also my Pinterest Ideas all organized for you.


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