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Have a Coke and a Smile | Dekalb Senior Photographer

Let’s have a coke and a smile + photos!

Who isn’t up for an afternoon of that kind of shoot? A Coke and smile theme-shoot with Molly was a retro look + coca-cola fizz.

coke-and-a-smile, coco-cola, retro-shoot, Shining-Moments-Photography
Have a Coke and a SMILE!

Mixing in a theme, or something you have a passion for, makes your senior experience more memorable + fun! Do you have an eclectic style, or hobby that you’d like to include into your high school senior pictures?

Today I’m shooting with Molly and it’s all about that retro feel and…

A Grad Coke…and a smile 😉

Depending on the Senior Girl Collection you choose, we may need a short break to enjoy something cold {or warm depending on the season}…and a wee-bit of sugar to charge back up.

Your high school years are a time to celebrate all the things you love RIGHT NOW. So when you look back at this moment you have a FUN chapter to remember.

You’ve got one adventure ending and an EPIC new chapter about to start!

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The Summer months are a time to relax + recharge. ANNNNND maybe schedule those senior portraits if you’re one of those super busy seniors.

Because school is just like riding a bike ~ Once it starts you’re off & racing again!

dekalb-senior-photographer, bike, coke-and-a-smile, coca-cola, Shining-Moments-Photography, high-school-senior-photogrpaher

This moment will hang on walls for decades to come…yep, decades. Let’s curate your portrait story where you HAVE FUN + record some forever memories.

What kind of senior fun experience do you want?

high-school-senior-photography, bike-pose, retro-shoot, DeKalb-photographer

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Cheers & Sparkles to your coke and a smile moment!

💖Andrea | Your High School Senior Photographer

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P.S. You can start your planning with choosing What to Wear in your senior pictures. It’s the easiest place to start. Great tips + a video of my SMP Guide for you.


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