A Professional Headshot + a Branding Portfolio are vital to your business, acting portfolio, college applications, theatre playbills, online business.

Through my photography, I build a brand story for you and your business.  It begins with getting a headshot to use virtually and in print so people get to know you and your business.

Your headshots introduce you.

They are the first step to building your reputation.

Your Headshot gives the audience a glimpse of who you are and where this story might go.

By putting your images out into the virtual space, in small doses, you are creating an unfolding dialog for others to ask questions.

You are creating a community with your photographic story.

Step two is adding details to your story through branding images.

We all have a story to tell!

Building your brand allows you to take the headshot and add new chapters to the story. Updating your images with 15-20 new story-shots every six months allows you to continually put content out on the social channels you want to build. 

This is not a sprint. This is a marathon you’re building up too. When you update your images 2x per year you’re building a stronger brand story. In the image of my marathon analogy, your building that endurance for the long race.

Images and video give you talking points to open a conversation with and further build a community.

Let’s start with updating your headshots.

If your professional goals need a brand or rebranding, then we can talk about the next step in helping you reach your community and build your business or portfolio.

CONTACT Shining Moments Photography for complete details on your headshots or specialized branding portfolio.

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Cheers & Sparkles to building your online community!

💖Andrea | Your Headshot + Brand Storyteller

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