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These headshot tips help us curate a current, professional headshot and start creating a complete virtual first impression in our digital media world. It’s the doorway to introducing your business online.

A professional headshot starts the story of you and your brand. Your headshot images with Shining Moments Photography provides the first experience your client may have in building a rapport with you + your business.

Professional headshots are requested all the time in new business ventures, corporate websites, college applications, graduate school applications, business cards + website ‘About Page’, and online job sites such as LinkedIn.

Having a professional and up-to-date headshot sets you apart in your field. As a business owner, I know the importance of branding and marketing. Shining Moments Photography, offers both studio and on-location headshots for Professionals, Creative Entrepreneurs, Theater, and more.

Additionally, creating a full Branding Portfolio gives a range of images to market your business and showcase behind-the-scenes personality to build your Know-Like-Trust factor.

General Tips ::

  • Consider the type of headshot you will be photographed for and match your pieces accordingly
  • Be well rested + drink lots of water
  • Think about how and where your headshots will be used

Jewelry ::

  • Keep jewelry simple – small is better
  • Avoid jewelry that distracts from your face, or dates the image quickly
  • Maximize your headshot real estate, accent it, don’t overpower {internet profile images are small}

Ladies ::

  • The focus is on your face, not the clothes and accessories
  • Consider the neckline of your shirt. Different necklines can change the shape of your face {model in the mirror}
  • Shirts and jackets should have a tailored fit {baggy or wrinkled are obvious in photos and cannot be Photoshopped}
  • Sleeveless tops and dresses draw attention to arms + shoulders
  • Avoid big prints + busy patterns {when in doubt go classic if your headshot is for business professional purposes}
  • Blue/green shirts or accents help accentuate blue/green/hazel eyes
  • Never wear turtlenecks – Period

Guys ::

  • For the business look, a classic suit jacket, dress shirt + tie
  • If you’re going for more of a business casual look, wear dress shirt + tie
  • Wearing a dress shirt alone? Wear a colored shirt that is darker than your skin tone, and only wear a white shirt if it’s underneath a jacket or sweater
  • If you want help selecting, bring along a few shirts + ties to your session

What To Bring ::

  • Lip gloss or chapstick {gives a smooth finish for both ladies and guys}
  • Bring a hairbrush or comb for touch-ups
  • Translucent powder for makeup touch-ups
  • Please arrive with your hair + makeup ready
  • Most importantly, a fun spirit, which always shines though in your pictures!

Hair + Makeup Tips ::

  • Using a Make-up Artist makes a big difference {I have recommendations}
  • Wear a heavier layer of translucent powder to help with the shine spots and even out skin
  • If you like a pop of lip color remember to line your lips first to prevent bleeds
  • No lipstick is okay, but wear gloss or chapstick to smooth lines
  • Avoid shimmers, frosts, or a lot of sparkles – They come out as glares or spots on the image
  • Please cut your hair a week before your headshot session, not the day before
  • Do not use a new product or new hair color before the shoot
  • More Makeup Tips on my Pinterest Board

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