Headshot Investment

Your professional headshot investment is worth every shiny quarter!

Your headshot opens the conversation in our multi-media times.  Investing in your headshots and branding portfolio is a significant part of your business story. 


Professional headshots are used everywhere today! 

Investing so much money and time into your business success, it’s equally vital to let your best face shine behind that venture too!

Professional headshots and branding your business gives more than just a snapshot::

  • It curates your Brand Story to build trust
  • Opens the conversation to perspective clients
  • Presents a cohesive look throughout all online platforms
  • Great use on applications and portfolios
  • Author shots for book jacket + webpage
  • Office Staff Updates with one uniform look
  • Website Currency
  • Creatives can show a behind-the-business look of their work and the story behind their brand

Do you need a classic professional headshot update right now?

Or, can we capture your business brand story with you and the day-to-day parts of your business?

We can curate it all in your branding session and give you digital images that will stop the scroll on you so customers find out more about our business.

The Story Branding Session is a detailed story of you and your business. 

We’re emotional creatures and images bring emotion to a business. Adding images that SHOW YOU, your products/service, and how you pour your heart into this passion, hooks us and has us looking for more.

We will create a gallery full of digital images to help curate the story behind your brand.

The Story Branding Session is available for a one-time fee or as a recurring quarterly collection for images to use.

SMP takes the worry out of, “I don’t have any new photos to use!”

You’ll have a gallery of images to keep you growing all year long.  Let’s chat about how we can get your story shining online!

The Professional Portfolio Tips  assist in preparing before your Headshot Session.

Contact for details about upgrading your one-time headshot investment to a complete Story Brand Session today!