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Headshots: Casual Vs. The Suit

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Professional headshots come in different packages, and depend on your type of business and your planned use images.

1/ Do you need a few basic headshots?

Most times we need to update our profile image. We need to print new business cards, update signs, add a headshot to a resume website or social site.

If you’re looking for a traditional update to your headshots, I have my SMP headshot tips for an easy + successful session. Reserve your morning appointment, and have your new headshot on your computer by the end of the day.

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2/ Do you want to showcase the behind-the-scenes of your business?

Let’s really show off your business + have fun doing it!

We all need a classic headshot for a recognizable look across all of our platforms. You need potential customers to recognize you when they come to your social profiles, your website, or walk into your brick and mortar shop.

However, your business also benefits from casual looks behind the curtain of your business.

A lot of influencers are using this technique today to give them ample images to share across their platforms. Those ‘brand images’ help connect with their community. You can do the same in your business! Depending on how in-depth you’d like to plan I offer an Elite + Brand Collection. These Collections give you images beyond the basic headshot image.

We plan the details + include both the classic, suit-attire headshot, and your business casual looks that show the ‘real + human’ side of business.

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This is the best way to share your business in our social media times.

You add value to your product or service. Planning your Brand Collection you include your brand colors, pieces of your business, and your style.

We weave a story of your professional life with the WHY for your business. We all connect with a good story. Share your story through creative headshots and branding images of the day-to-day.

  • Do you write a blog and need staple brand images to include each week?
  • Are you a massage therapist, own a gym, or have a yoga studio and need marketing images?
  • Do you own a bakery, coffee shop, boutique, Etsy shop?
  • Performing arts:: Aspiring actor, singer, musician?

Any of these professions benefit from professional headshots and a styled brand session. Show the professional side of your business. But don’t be afraid to reveal the casual, more community-centric side of your business.

The businesses that tell their story build community.

We build our community face-to-face and through our online presence. Brand images share your story and the important details of your business.

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Let’s talk about what your business needs to shine in your local community and online.

Cheers & Sparkles to sharing your story!

💖Andrea | Professional Headshot + Brand Photographer

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