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Don’t Get Another Headshot Until You Read This!

An email comes across my computer all the time, “I just need a quick headshot.” As a headshots professional photographer I can say that is the case for some..

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We’re bombarded with so much information + visual marketing today, and that makes critical, that you’re intentional with your branding images you put out there.

You bet professional headshots help our business::

  • Business Cards
  • Author Jacket
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Real Estate Signage

What’s the difference between taking headshots and branding portraits?

Headshots at its basic – no frills – is a shot of your head. I photograph from your shoulders up on a classic backdrop {traditionally black, white or gray} to get a close-up view of your face to show the world who you are and put a business with a face.

Customers can put a name with a face. It is a “hello, this is how you can recognize me” photo.

A headshot opens the door, but it’s your branding portraits that invite clients into your business + get to know you and build a business community, or better yet, your tribe. Read more about Your Business Brand in this article.

Headshots take less preparation + shooting time, but there’s still an art to losing the tension when you sit in front of the camera. When we only have our face to convey a piece of our personality we have to use a bit of magic. I’m not saying clients call me Merlin, but I’ve been known to use some direction by misdirection to your advantage {+ a little mind-control}.

Branding portraits require attention to your details + your personality.

I photograph to take the question out of, “Why should I choose you?”

A branding portfolio allows us to get all your details and bring out a bigger vision to connect with the clients you want to work with everyday. We take headshots, we capture you in your environment + details that your customers connect and interact with online.

Take a breath, I know it sounds overwhelming with all the other pieces of your business needing attention too.

But I’m here to plan + walk you through each step so we can attract your ideal client through the door {physical, virtual, or both doors}.

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Where do we start?

At the beginning. My first question is:: Give me four to five words that describes your brand/business. Then we build from there in my Branding Questionnaire.

Authenticity is everything!

Your professional headshot is the invitation to your potential clients for a one-time welcome.

The SMP Branding Portfolio gives your potential clients an authentic view of how your business helps, invites us in to see more, and then has us back for coffee {tea, lemonade, sparkling water} over and over again. All of the images in your gallery convey feelings around your business. The images pull the curtain back and allow people to find + connect with you and your business.

Start the conversation with your headshot, but allow your community to Know-Like-Trust you with a full portfolio of images that make them feel what it is like to work with you in business.

Small businesses, creative businesses, my business, your business…we all need a Branding Portfolio from a professional photographer.

Let’s talk about your headshots, and adding a branding portfolio that can grow your business community this year.

Contact➩ [email protected]

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I’m your path to the clients you’ve been wanting to attract

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💖Connect through your brand

P.S. Start by looking through my Pinterest resources to help you research the type of images you want to send out into the virtual world.

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