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Here’s a Good Book To Read By the Pool

If you’re looking for a relaxing book, a GOOD BOOK, to read by the pool this week in this gloriously hot weather then here you go!

Surprise Me, by Sophie Kinsella

Recognize her name?

I included another one of her books, My (not so) Perfect Life in the March Book Club. All of her books that I’ve read delve into a particular phase of real life that we can relate to, with a bit of “fluff reading” mixed in. That’s how Emma describes her books, “fluff reading”. Translation…It’s a quick + easy book to read on a Summer day by the pool or on your vacation car ride.

My (not so) Perfect Life put a shiny twist on social media and how it’s NEVER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE all the time, but it’s sometimes hard to see past the INSTA-perfect life of those in your scroll-life. The teens + twenty-somethings getting started out in the big world relate to that book.

Surprise Me rolls into married life. Kinsella also pens in surprises through this one when assumptions are made that we know everything about our partners ten+ years into marriage. I like books where I think I know where it’s going and then…SURPRISE! Here comes the plot twist.

This is your book to read to start off summer

I read all genre’s of books, and share a lot of them on my Pinterest Book Board. This month I’m spotlighting ‘Surprise Me’ because::

  1. Even if you know your spouse well. REALLY WELL. finding little surprises for each other adds something new. I’m not saying to use all of Dan and Sylvie’s ideas, except breakfast in bed, that’s a good surprise {in case Brian is reading this}.
  2. Your spouse can be your one-n-only, but it’s also pretty awesome having that friend to chat with, bounce ideas off, or ‘just be around’ in day-to-day life.
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How I read:: Hardcover

Synopsis:: Sophie Kinsella puts the spotlight on the marriage phase in life + brings together how having a close female friend can get you through the uncertain patches with a new perspective. I came across this 2018 book at the Algonquin, Illinois Half Price Books this time. They always have a good selection of books in this Algonquin Commons location.

SideNote:: Our other favorite places for books are Harvey’s Tales in Geneva Illinois or online at Bookshop, which also supports small independent book stores.

Grab your sweet tea and find a shade tree + your book!

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Are you joining us for the first time this month? I’m happy you’re here!

Here are the past SMP Book Club posts if you want more good books to read::

P.S. Remember last month when I wrote about creating a reading nook in Emma’s room + using closet space? She of course won with converting her clothes closet to another mini-library. What this girl won’t do to find more book space in her room!

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