Here’s the 3-1-1 on SMP Tip Tuesdays

… Or is it the 9-1-1? 9-1-1 doesn’t seem right since this isn’t an emergency. Pretty cool stuff – but not anything alarming.

I’m horrible with remembering the right quote from a movie or the latest lingo, but what I’m trying to say is – here’s a short run-down of what you’re missing each Tuesday over on the Instagram page @ShiningMomentsPhotography

See! Not as catch-phrase-y as, “Here’s the 3-1-1!”

Every Tuesday on my SMP Instagram page I come up with a new piece from photo ready makeup to making quick smoothies so your teen doesn’t get you out of bed at 6:00am to show him what to put in the blender {that could be a level 9-1-1. Life saving intel for any parent who isn’t a morning person}.

My Shining Moments Photography page isn’t just showing one headshot or senior session through every scroll, I’m on social media to give tips, some inspiration, or just a laugh in my quirky world of Instagram Stories. Howeva, a big, creepy, red-eyed spider on my car wasn’t anything to laugh about, until it was heading down the road 😉

Life can be pretty random, sometimes hard, really exciting, or just a little quirky. Why not share it together?!

More ideas to come on my Instagram!

💖Cheers – Andrea

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