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SMP Tip Tuesday ::Here’s the 3-1-1

The 3-1-1 on Tip Tuesday or is it the 9-1-1? 9-1-1 doesn’t seem right since this isn’t an emergency. Pretty cool stuff – but not anything alarming.

I’m horrible with remembering the right quote from a movie or the latest lingo, but what I’m trying to say is – here’s a short run-down of what you’re missing each Tip Tuesday over on the Instagram page @ShiningMomentsPhotography. Thankfully Google usually deciphers what I’m looking for in my exact quotes and comes to my rescue.

Not as catch-phrase-y as, “Here’s the 3-1-1!”

Tip Tuesday on my SMP Instagram page offers up a new tip, from

  • photo ready makeup to…
  • making quick smoothies before teens early practice {that could be a level 9-1-1 at 6:00am. Life saving intel for any parent who isn’t a morning person}.
  • And if you like the quick version of Instagram Reels, check out this post for other fun reel tips

My Shining Moments Photography page isn’t just showing one headshot or senior session through every scroll.

I’m on social media to give tips, inspiration, + laughs in my quirky world of Instagram Stories.

Life can be pretty random, sometimes hard, really exciting, or a little quirky. Why not share it together?!

Come over for Tip Tuesday!

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💖A lot of fun – a little quirky – an expert in Senior Portraits + Headshot Photography – and here to make your life easier to capture memories!

P.S. Why haven’t you clicked over to Instagram yet? 😉


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