High School Juniors this back to school checklist is for you!

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I’ve been helping high school Seniors prep for college + sending tips to Senior Mamas. But today, I’m here to help out the junior class.

Are you ready for your back to school checklist of goods?

Freshmen year you were the Newbie’s in the hall.

Last year you were more comfy around campus.

Now it’s Junior year, you’re an “upperclassman” and things will start rolling fast. You need to keep track + keep up.

I’ve got 10 TIPS to keep you on track + relaxed junior year.


1/ Check on your high school course plan:: Make sure you’re on track for graduation {You’re school counselor can look this up in a jiffy}

SMP TIP:: Required credits differ between colleges, trade schools, and universities

2/ Take AP, IB, and concurrent enrollment classes to prepare for college + gain college hours

3/ Research colleges:: Make your top 10 colleges crushes

4/ Attend college fairs and sign up for college visits to your nearby schools on your school holidays {sign-up/register in advance with the college}

5/ Time for add-on’s:: Find 1-2 new clubs + extracurricular activities { leadership roles look primo for NHS + college resume}

6/ If your schedule allows, think about a part-time job or pursue an entrepreneurial idea

7/ Update your résumé worksheet so you have everything together so far.

SMP TIP:: If your high school offers a Naviance account this is an excellent way to create your resume as you go

8/ Prep for and take the SAT/ACT {check registration dates early}

On average you can raise your score 2-4 points each time you take the ACT {I know, not fun to take more than once, but it’s worth it}


Not all colleges require the writing portion, but it is a royal bummer to go through the test again, just to add the writing portion.

9/ Letters of Recommendation:: Make your list of teachers, coaches, club sponsors + others to write your letters

Be the first requester in that line too. Similar to surgery…You want to be the first of the day when your surgeon is most fresh, not the last and possibly on their 10th cup of java.

10/ Do meaningful community service:: Log hours on your “volunteer page”, Naviance, or college folder

This is the BEST TIME to start a college notebook or folder so that you add to it all in one place. Organization is the key to your sanity 😉

JOIN SPARKLE NOTES with one of these FREEBIES and get more great tips::

Cheers & Sparkles to your week!

💖Andrea | High School Senior Photography + Mom Helper

P.S. Your life is full of activity! I’m here to capture your BIG MOMENTS + give help with the BIG PICTURE too {no pun intended…okay, maybe a little}.

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