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Hello my High School Mama’s!

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Our Summer is quickly slipping away and it will be time to start prepping for another school year.

Our kiddos are another grade older.

And another step closer to graduation.

We are enjoying these last few weeks of Summer at our house + fitting in my teens summer list of ideas. I wrote my Summer Bucket List post using some of their ideas. If you’re looking for something new to finish out your summer have a peek at that post.

And now, a few bits of advice from past Senior Mama’s that may help you settle in this coming year. Yes, the tips focus on high school seniors, but as a Mama of a junior this year I’m already looking + researching.  Junior Mom’s don’t count this stuff out for you too 😉

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“Spend as much time as you can with your senior! Everything changes the moment you drop them off at the new school, everything is different. They aren’t your child anymore, and even though they still need you and miss you, it’s never in the same way. And the house is never the same again either. So enjoy this time. Really cherish the moments and do things with them, even if your tired or stressed or just overloaded. Step back and put everything aside for whatever they are asking you to do. Love them and hug them and spoil them for one last year before they go away.” -Stacy {Mama to 3 Graduates}

“I had a college binder with tabs for each school so we could keep track of scholarships and information all in one spot. Made it easier to make the decision on where to go.” -Ashley {Mama to 2018 Graduate}

“Try and do applications and essays during the summer. Even if they finish them later, after school starts, it will be less stress while managing school too. Check dates and follow up that everything is being received by the colleges. There’s usually a portal that tracks that info at each university you apply. Just breathe it’s going to be an emotional year.” -Julie {Mama to 3 Graduates}

“Try to savor it. So much of Senior year is focused on what they will do after high school, and it goes by really, really quickly. Reply to all the schools you think you might want to go to early. Lastly if you’re going to apply for scholarships, I used a manila folder for each one and wrote the due date on the outside of the folder along with what needs to go with the application so you can check the things off as you get them done. (Requesting transcripts, letter of reference etc.)” -Kammy {Mama to 2018 Graduate}

“If you are going on college visits, check out all the dorms. The newest dorm complex may not be the best. Even if you decide to stay local, a dorm may be the best place for them to stay, that way you’re not arguing about the car or paying thru the nose for a parking permit!” -Katie {Aunt to 2016 Graduate}

Scholarships!!” -Megan {2017 Graduate}

A lot more to come with your very own High School Checklist to help you navigate these last few years of high school. Coming this September I’ll have a High School Checklist for Juniors + Seniors. If you’re not already in Sparkle Notes, best to sign-in now so you don’t miss it. Only comes to your inbox once-a-month so I’m not clogging up your e-mail 😉

Cheers + Sparkles to your Week Mom!


I’m here to make your high school days easier + Show the World Your Kind of Beautiful

If you’re looking to get a head start on your senior portrait ideas, start with my 25 Tips to Senior Portraits FREEBIE!


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