Holiday fashion Ideas you’ll LOVE! | Style Tips

Yay…it’s time for holiday fashion ideas that are sparkly, cozy, trendy, and dressy.

Holiday parties, holiday dinners, New Year’s Eve parties!

Do you know what you’re going to wear?

I have no idea yet, except for Christmas morning….I have my pj’s all picked out! They are warm, cozy + comfy right down to my fuzzy toes.

Add a steaming cup of coffee + crackling fireplace and I’m set!

Now if you’re looking for cute photo outfits for your Littles on the Christmas card, finding a matching or coordinating pajama set will be perfect. Family photos all decked out in the holiday PJ’s is a fun + cozy idea too.

holiday-pajamas, Christmas-pajamas

For the other events, I’ve searched ideas to help you if you’re like me and haven’t had time to think past the Christmas morning pajama stage.

1/ Casual holiday events or parties

Jeans + red flannel is easy, warm and stylish all in one. Jazz it up with a scarf, sparkly black boots, and polish and you’re set to pour the eggnog!

2/ Earth-tones with a tone of bling

You can also pull off the relaxed + Free People vibe with a laced shirt or tank paired with the latest trend in long sweater {cardigan}. Add some sparkle on your wrist + fun hat to ‘top’ it off.

You’re set for some relaxed fun with family + friends.

holiday-party, boots, style-ideas

3/ The ‘Sex in the City’ New York Style

I’m not going to any fancy parties, where I could wear this outfit but if I was, I’d put this next outfit together in a heartbeat! The City-scape design + powder pink flared jacket reminds me of the Sarah Jessica Parker days.

You’ll be ready for the New York runway in this one.

new-york-style, pink-jacket, holiday-style

4/ Style up with a POP of Red

Last but not least is dressing up for the party with little POPS of RED.

Share your hi-style from head to toe in red – black- and SPARKLE with this little holiday red + sparkling black heels and nails.

holiday-red, glitter-shoes, red-skirt, family-photos
Holiday Fashion Ideas

Above all else…make the outfit YOU! I’m most comfortable in jeans or yoga pants, no doubt about it, but I also love to dress up for holidays or going out to a party.

There you go…a few quick ideas for dressing up or dressing comfy. I hope you all have the happiest, jolliest holiday break {party}!

Cheers & Sparkle to your holiday FUN!

~Andrea | Shining Moments Photography


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Headshot Photographer serving Dekalb County and Kane County


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