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How About At-Home Creative Ideas?

Ready for creative ideas? Let’s feed the creative side of our brains!

calligraphy, creative-writing, creative

I’ve cleaned our basement, organized cabinets, cleaned + polished floors, and I can’t do it this week. MAX LIMIT REACHED!

This week I’m pulling out all the creative things and linking to some of my other creative’s to give you a plethora – yes, plethora of ideas🥳

Past Creative Ideas on the blog::

Do you like to Color, or learn Faux Calligraphy, Paint?

creative-writing, calligraphy

Grab your colored pencils, turn on a playlist + color. With extra time in my day I finally caved and bought a calligraphy book to learn some pretty writing. I’m a lefty so that always adds an extra challenge when I try writing purty things.😆 If I can write a pretty quote by the end of this Stay Home Order I’ll dub my lessons a SUCCESS!

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If you’re really ambitious in quarantine time and want to paint/distress a chair or kitchen cabinets, Angie, with Mom & Sis Create made a step-by-step tutorial of how she painted her kitchen cabinets.

Get creative in BIG {kitchen cabinets} or tiny ways {paint your nails}.

I linked up to my Pinterest board for fun + easy nail painting ideas.

  • Online painting class or watercolors
  • Knit or crochet
  • Mani + pedi time
  • Learn to draw
  • Sew your own mask
  • DIY an old – into a new – pair of jeans
  • Make a digital or scrapbook album of all your Stay-Home photos you’ve taken

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P.S. We’ll be moving forward again soon and here at SMP I’m working behind the scenes for the class of 2020 to cap off their high school story + help our community. Details coming soon!

This Week’s SMP Tidbits…

What I’m Reading:: blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Photo Ideas To Get This Week::

  • Nature – budding flower trees, morning dew on blades of grass,
  • Now Normal – your babe’s sleeping, how distance learning is taking place in your house

Food For Thought:: Foods to add into your day/week when we’re stressed

  • Salmon
  • Grapes
  • Turkey breast
  • Matcha tea
  • Edamame
  • Peanut butter or nuts
  • Oranges

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