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How to Pose | Posing Tip #1| Senior Portraits

Are you ready to walk the runway? You will be by the end of this SMP “how to pose” series.

I have three posing tips over the next three SMP blog posts that will help you relax in front of the camera + how to pose for your senior portraits, or any of your portraits really.

Meeting someone for the first time can be fun, exciting, annnnnd awkward.

In my Senior Collections we start with meeting first + planning so we knock out the ‘awkward’ part and get straight to the FUN!

But, if we’re never destined to meet {sad face emoji} + you only peek at these blog pieces I wanna make sure you’re comfortable in front of the camera so you not only capture your senior memories, but YOU ENJOY DOING IT!

Let’s just pretend you’re not a model for Vogue or haven’t walked the runway at Fashion Week in Milan. Posing might not come naturally to you. That’s one, of many, reasons I take my time to find out my client’s interests + comfort level before we jump in front of the camera.

Okay, I only jump in front of the camera at the end so don’t panic. And it’s just with my iPhone so it’s no big thing 😉

In case you’re getting photos and you’re not being helped with posing or just out taking shots with friends, I’ve created a three-part series over the next few weeks to jump-start your comfort in front of the camera.

This week we’re focusing on the overall standing pose which seems to always be the most awkward for us. There is nothing around to lean on, put our hands on, or sit on. We’re just standing there. We can get the nervous sweats just thinking about it.


In the following images, I asked Emma to make a few tweaks so you can see how a little change can make a big difference.

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First Pose:: We’ll call this one, “smiling through tears” pose. She’s got her great smile on, but the rest of her pose says, “Please get me outta here!”

  • body straight at camera {we are at our widest when we stand like this}
  • arms straight down {adds inches to our sides}
  • little space or no angles in legs {doesn’t add much to our story or show personality}

We can improve it with a few tweaks that we’ve done in image #2

Second Pose:: Let’s call this one, “wee-bit-o-angles” pose.

  • hips slightly turned
  • foot turned with knee bend
  • which also twists our waistline
how-to-pose, best poses, senior-pictures, senior-photographer, senior-photography, st-charles-photographers, geneva-il-senior-photographer, posing, sycamore-photographers

Up-level the basic pose to add the whole body from your head to your tippy-toes.

  • slight tilt of the head
  • raise your hand…to your hip {adding angles}
  • add a little hip action {see the tiny difference in the two images?}
  • twist {and shout} the right arm to add space {first image is part of her waist – second shows curve}

These are the basics to start your image pose. Your story gets REALLY EXCITING when we start moving, dancing, jumping, and so many other ideas that make up your Photo Story.

Are you a high school senior or junior? Curious what other inspiring tips I share? Sign up for Sparkle Notes so you can get my SMP monthly newsletter.


If you’re looking for a senior photographer, let’s chat about your story + how we’re going to capture it for you:: Andrea:: Shining Moments Photography

Until next time, I hope your days are sprinkled with sparkle and a whole lot to cheer about!

💖-Andrea | High School Senior Photographer


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