Tips on Posing For Photos #2 | Legs Have It

Did you catch last week’s posing tip? I had tips on posing for photos with your whole body.

This week we’re dropping down to the legs. Short, long, or in the middle we can shuffle them around for a better full body or 3/4-pose. First easy leg tip…

Remember To Separate

Stand up and put your feet right next to each other.

How balanced do you feel? How comfortable does that feel?

Now slide your feet apart & stop when you’re in a comfortable stance. Feels better huh? This does two things::

  1. Gives space between the legs so we don’t look like a flamingo + thins our legs
  2. When you feel more relaxed, you look more relaxed in a full body pose.

Add a Little – Take a Little

Whatever is closest to the lens will appear the largest. Give this a try… Go to your full-length mirror, put all your weight on the leg nearest said mirror. Now shift your weight to your back leg. That mirror is the camera lens 😉

And for your viewing pleasure…

  • The uni-leg
  • Separate, twist, & put weight to the back of the bus
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See how little tweaks can make a difference?

That’s why you go to a professional photographer who knows + one who’s studied all the little details that make a big difference so you can focus on having fun in your senior moment + look back at the memories forever!

Are you curious about senior portraits or branding for your business? I’d love to chat about it:: Andrea | Shining Moments Photography

Next week… If the eye’s draw you into the image, hands can tell the next chapter in the story.

Cheers & Sparkles

💖-Andrea |Your Photographer for tips on posing for photos

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Anytime’s a good time to dance + move those legs!

P.S. When I talk about posing it’s not in a “stand-still-and-hold-your-breath” kinda way. When we curate your senior story it’s about your interests + everything YOU right now.

We mix a little bit of everything to tell your story through photos.

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