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Posing Tips #3 | Hands Tell a Story

The eyes can lead you into an image, the hands can tell the rest of the story. Week three gives you posing tips for your HANDS.

Posing tips #3 focuses on our hands + how they help to add or distract from an image.

Same pose, but one grabs our attention way faster than the other. Hands are the same, but how they’re placed makes all the difference in the mood she’s showing.

Image #1:: The Fall Back

“Hey, Em, just prop your hands up under your chin” She sat back + tilted her chin on the back part of her hands.

Image #2:: Tall + Confident

“This time, move your hands slightly back under your chin.” That move also repositioned her arms a wee-bit to get a better pose.

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The last two poses are simple ideas to move your hands around for a relaxed + easy look.

How would you sit and watch something or someone if you were leaning on a table or chair?

How do your arms feel most relaxed?

When you’re standing where are your hands most comfortable? pockets? folded? with your hand over your other arm?

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In the end posing is discovering YOUR comfy place and adding small tweaks that make your story shine. There’s a lot of little pieces that make up the big picture and the best ones are mix in the “pose” with telling your story, so when you see all the images in your gallery you see the weaving together of a chapter in your lifelong adventure!

Let’s connect and talk about capturing your high school senior chapter or building your professional brand:: Andrea | Shining Moments Photography

Cheers and Sparkle to your story!

💖-Andrea | High School Senior Photography


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