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Imagine It… | Shining Moments Photography

Just imagine it! Your stomach is flip-flopping like an Olympic gymnast…

Your palms are sweating…

The tournament’s about to begin!

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This season, my son’s middle school basketball team needed a coach, and my name was tossed in the hat {yes, pretty sure it was the only name}.

So, why not coach his team? I’ve played basketball since I was in grade school, coached since college, and worked for the Seattle SuperSonics in my dream job…


My coaching days started in college when I interviewed for a middle school coaching position. The opening was for the boys’ basketball team.

I knew I could coach, but any teacher or coach knows you have to set the tone with players before you get to teach. I knew walking into the gym, all 5-foot-3 of me, that I was NOT going to give a LeBron James persona to junior high boys on a basketball court.

There were growing pains to being a new coach, a college kid, and A GIRL.

Fast forward to the end of that first coaching job and it was one of my favorites! I coached a lot more teams after that, and went through more highs & lows.

Each one made me better AND stronger.

Why in the world am I, a portrait photographer, telling you this story?

Imagine it…

Tackling something that other people think you shouldn’t do. Do you love it? Then go after it!

Imagine it…

Facing insecurities to do something you love, knowing it’s gonna be tough!

Imagine it…

Being an example of what it takes to go after a passion!

People make snap judgements wherever we go, but that’s on them. You don’t have to fit into their mold.

I’m 5’3″

I love fashion and all that sparkles + a pair of sweatpants & sneakers, and

I get WAYYYY too excited when it comes to sports! {yes, on the court cheering, at the TV screaming, and celebrating. I get really excited!}

I’ve come a long way since my college coaching days {but I still yell, scream, and dance on the court}.

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Is that your picture of a coach? Maybe not, but it’s mine. And that makes it right for me.

Live your life and go after your dreams. Face the obstacles, work hard, and remember to laugh along the way. Shine YOUR KIND OF BEAUTIFUL!

And hey, once you’re on the other side of those obstacles, don’t forget to be kind to those who come after you.

They’re facing challenges too.

Cheers & Sparkles

💖-Andrea | Portrait Photographer who doesn’t fit into one type of mold

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P.S. If you’re a junior or senior who is looking for a portrait photographer who gives you a FUN way to capture all sides of your gorgeous self, then let’s chat.


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