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iPhone Fun | Week 2 | Zoom

Zoom, or rather…. ZOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!

It’s WEEK TWO of iPhone tips and I’m zooming in on optical vs digital zoom.

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Optical vs digital zoom – what’s the big deal?

You may not notice right away, but it’s a big deal when it comes to which way you should zoom towards.

And if you’re shopping for a REAL CAMERA, it’s a REALLY BIG DEAL! Optical is the true zoom + gives better image quality when zooming. Digital I call the cropping zoom. The digital enlarges the photo from the center-out {so the outside edges get cropped/chopped to bring the middle of the picture closer}.

The iPhone 11 camera makes your optical zoom super easy for you!

The collage of photos above were taken with my iPhone {obviously}. I have the iPhone 11 pro which comes with three optical zoom options at .5x, the native 1x, and 2x optical zooms. {iphone 11 has the .5x and native 1x}. If you use the wheel above 2x on the iPhone 11 pro you’re using the digital zoom {shown in my screen recording below}.

SMP TIP:: To bring up the zoom wheel hard-press or slide your finger along the buttons

I bet you can guess which is better for printing?

Moving our feet gives us the best print, but when we can’t be the exact length from the subject, using one of the optical zooms is second best. Remember…Digital zoom TAKES OUT pixels to get closer which gives a lower quality photo.

Taking out sugar calories…goooood

Taking out cute tiny pixels….baaaaad

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There-ya go! Quick + easy lesson this week to practice.



P.S. If you missed Week 1 on focus + exposure you can click and catch up with us.

P.P.S Time to Play…Practice this week::

  1. Find your subject and stand back 6-8-feet. Start at the native length and set your focus/focus lock {week 1 lesson}
  2. Play with the zoom buttons + the zoom wheel
  3. Snap 3 photos using optical zoom length, digital, + moving your feet towards the subject.
  4. Now go into your camera roll and enlarge the shots you took. Notice the sharpness at each focal length?
  5. Bonus Points… FOLLOW + tag @ShiningMomentsPhotography

Currently Watching:: Gilmore Girls {If only I had that gift of witty sarcasm with my kids 🤣} The sarcasm – I’ve got, but E + N don’t think I’m funny.

Reading:: Same as last week…Red Queen. And since I can’t read while driving or sitting at soccer practice in the dark I downloaded the audio version {GAME…CHANGER} Picture it…Sitting, eyes closed, while someone reads to you- I’m 3-years-old all over again!!

If you’re not an Amazon Audible subscriber – check your library. My sweet librarian told me about HOOPLA. They had the Red Queen series and now I’m wishing soccer practice was 2 hours instead of 1 {scratch that-9:30 is late enough}.

Current Food Obsession:: Blueberries by the case! Fresh or frozen. In a bag or in a box. Would I, could I, eat alone. Would I, should I, in my shake. I should! My Costco blueberries are like candy {goood sugar calories ;)}

Week 3 Tip:: You Light Up My Life – Our eyes, camera + cell phones need good light.


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