iPhone Fun::Week 3:: LIGHT




Lighting is everything – period.

Close your eyes and what-ya see? Walk into your closet {no lights on} and find the outfit you want to wear. Do you read a book with no lights on?

Your iPhone camera is just an extension of your eyes…And our eyes NEED LIGHT! There’s also good light and bad light. Your phone camera will try to correct as best as possible, but you should always try for the “good” light when you can.

Find the GOOD in the {camera} world!


  • Overhead/noon sunlight
  • Artificial light
  • Back lightening {cell phone::can be tricky – Real camera::can do some cool stuff }


  • Open shade
  • Natural light
  • Facing the light / Reflecting the light

In case you’re a visual person, like myself, let me SHOW YOU what I mean by those opposites above… {Me overload – sorry, but I didn’t have any other posers in my house…Unless you count Charlie the cat, but when I let him outside he tends to run}

Noon/overhead sun VS open shade::

Top Left:: Full noon sun {dark, squinty eyes}
Bottom Left:: Not facing full sun {wonky shadows + even darker eyes}
Right:: Stepped into shaded area {faced light with white snow reflecting light into my eyes}

These backgrounds will come back into play next week {blahhh}. It’s the ‘real life’ no edit – no filter teaching for you. But all that junk in my garage behind was KILLING ME. It was also minus 5-degrees that day and I was starting to lose feeling in my fingers, but it was also the first day in FORRREVER that we had sun so I had to make a run for it.

Artificial light VS Natural light::

Artificial Light:: In the back of the theatre lobby with a light directly over our heads. I REALLY want them to move their backdrop out front where it used to be…REALLYREALLY want them to move it back.
Natural Light bouncing everywhere. Indoors, at home, before leaving to the theater, but I stood us where we had sunny light bouncing from front, side, and back windows. The bright white snow outside helps to ‘brighten’ the mood too 😉

Backlight VS Facing/Reflecting the light::

Left:: Moved inside garage for open shade, but facing the sun. Garage floors work great as a light bounce for eyes.
Right Top:: Sun to my back, no eye sparkle, dark circles pop up under my eyes with overall dull snap.
Right Bottom:: Still backlit but moved to the edge of garage to get light + turned away from sun..but see my dark eyes + wonky shadows again?

There-ya go…Three lighting tips to shoot with this week. Practice some selfie shots + turn yourself around {and do the hokkie-pokkie}.

Practice makes us better, so give these three tips a try::

  1. Go outside on a sunny day and take 4 snaps {facing, side, back to light, other side}. See how the light affects each of your shots
  2. Now find open shade {garage works great for this – minus the ugly dackdrop} take 1 shot facing outside + 1 shot facing inside
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Did you catch the first two weeks?

As always, thanks for peeking by, I know you’re busy! If you have ideas for upcoming blog posts PLEASE comment below or send me a DM on Instagram.



Currently Watching:: This Is Us {Brian’s been home this week so we’re catching up}

Currently Reading:: I’m starting two books this week…One for fun + one to learn:: Glass Sword {second book in Red Queen series & can’t put it down} and Why We Can’t Sleep by Ada Calhoun {This one is for older Mama’s when things are starting to change}

Current Food Vice:: Chocolate covered pretzels {to my Trader Joe’s shoppers – RUN, don’t walk, run to get yourself this treat! And you’ll burn extra calories running there instead of walking ;)} Guilt averted 😆

I’m creeping in on 50 and now know that cutting everything yummy {and not-so-good for me} makes me miserable, and possibly everyone around me miserable too. So really, I’m helping OTHERS by eating these treats 😉

P.P.S. Next week we LEAP into iPhone Week 4::Composition {i.e. arranging the picture so you don’t put someone in front of a pole that looks like it’s coming out of their head + how to use an ugly garage as a backdrop}.

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