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iPhone|Week 4| Composition Makes a Story

Composition makes a story!

It’s composition week everyone! Holy moly we’re heading into March and we’ve had two – YES TWO – 50-degree days already, SO it’s basically almost Summer here! And in week 4 for iPhone camera tips I’m hoping we can jump outside to get new shots on our phones.

Here’s a quick re-cap on the month in case you’re just now clicking in…

This Tip Helps you tell a Story

If you follow me on my other social platforms {Instagram | Facebook} you’ll notice that I love to tell a story behind my images. Composition helps us do that. In my high school senior sessions I always ask questions about what they’re into right now, or college/job goals, hobbies, their fashion style…so I can create their story behind the images that we take in their session.

These 4 Tips are just a few ways to help you see new ways to shoot your story on-the-go::

Tip #1 – KISS {Keep It Simple Smarty}

Sometimes we out-smart ourselves and overthink things. The best way to start “seeing” your surroundings is by keeping it simple.

Remember the cluttered garage backdrop from last week? Two ways to fix that…

  • iPhone 10 or newer have the portrait mode, so use that feature to blur out the background
  • Start noticing your surroundings by moving yourself around to take the “stuff” out of your background {move closer, crop tighter in your edit feature…}
composition, your-story
Top Left:: Photo mode where you can see some of the distractions in the background
Bottom Left:: Still cluttered background, but blurred from distance + portrait mode
Black&White:: Had him sitting on garage floor {Take a tight shot + no clutter in background}

Tip #2 – Use the Rule of Thirds {yep, your phone camera has it too}

On the iPhone you need to turn the “grid” on in your settings {Settings –>Camera–>Grid}

The grid cuts your screen into thirds {aptly named the Rule of Thirds}. From there you can compose {composition} your shot. See how most of Joe is in the middle box of the grid? It’s just a teeny-tiny adjustment between these 2 images, but with his serious stare, placing his face in that middle square, gives a bigger impact. Ya know, kinda like that Mona Lisa painting everyone talks about…Where it looks like she’s staring right through you 😉

composition, grid, iphone-camera-grid, shining-moments-photography
Composition + the Rule of Thirds

Tip #3 – Fill Your Screen

Get up-close & personal to take out all the distractions {i.e. all the junk in my garage} {or use that zoom trick I showed you week 2}

crop, iphone-tips, shining-moments-photography
Can’t resist using my handsome guy again…If I didn’t tell you, would you EVER GUESS I took this in our junk-filled garage?

Tip #4 – Tell A Story

By changing your view, using a different perspective + snapping more than 1 shot, you can tell a piece of your story in that moment. I remember the day, the weather, the place, and all the laughs we had the day I “wrote” this story.

the-story, shining-moments-photography, iphone-tips
One photo it would have looked like a hair toss…Taking more shows the fun we have when we dance!
the-story, composition, perspective, shining-moments-photography, sycamore-photographers
Just a few more…Because I can’t help myself 🙂

Never pass up the chance to capture your story!



Currently Loving:: Prom dress shopping with my senior! {I have all the prom dress shops we went looking this year up in my Instagram highlights if you’re looking too}

Watching:: This Is Us {Brian’s home this week so we’re catching up}

Reading:: I’m starting two books this week…One for fun + one to learn:: Glass Sword {second book in Red Queen series & can’t put it down} and Why We Can’t Sleep by Ada Calhoun {This one is for older Mama’s when things are starting to change}

P.S. These tips are a great way to capture a moment with quick snaps, but let your photographer capture the BIG SPARKLY MOMENTS – those once in a lifetime moments – the ones you’ll never get to do again moments! I’m a professional photographer, but I will not be photographing my kid’s weddings. I want to be a part of that memory, be in THAT MOMENT and it’s worth every penny to get another professional to capture that for me.

You don’t get a repeat on senior year…Once in a lifetime

You won’t marry off your babies again…Big sparkly moment

P.P.S. I hope this month has given you tips to take better iPhone pictures, but I hope too, that your phone won’t ever replace a professional taking care of you, your moments, and bringing your photographic story to HAVE FOREVER!


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