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It Only Happens Once | Senior Portraits High School

Take a walk down memory lane with me leading to your senior portraits of high school.

I wanted to talk a little bit today about why making your senior’s portraits a priority is so important. I am mama to a beautiful daughter, and as I look back on my photographs, I wish I had invested in a professional photographer.

Those were big moments, and deserved to be documented. When I compare the images from that season of life to the ones I shoot now, I sure wish I hadn’t tried to do them myself.

Senior portraits in high school are even more important!


This is such an incredibly huge time in the life of your senior. Yes, there are pressing expenses. Yes, time is short and you’re feeling pulled in lots of directions. But that senior portrait experience only happens ONCE, and you want it done right.

Just like your baby is only a baby for a little while, your senior will only graduate once from high school.

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I was so creative with her stuffed animals wasn’t I? She’s still adorable and I do have the memory, but compared to the images I take now for others, I missed out on capturing her in the milestones + the best and creative ways possible.

Her photos are in her baby album, but having too much distraction in the images I decided not to frame them for the wall {sad face}. Yes, I’ll always have the memory, but I wish – REALLY WISH – I had professional, planned out images to add to my photo wall. {Super sad face}

My baby graduated in 2020 and we planned out the list to make each piece of her high school story happen. Her senior year was different {a historic senior year some may say}!

I captured my BabyDoll at her very best in that big, big moment. We got her city girl side with the musical piece she loves. We shot her black leather jacket, New York tee, + Doc Martin’s to tell her love for New York City.

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The images are framed and proudly on my walls + her senior album. Her graduation announcements were designed with her favorite images.

I hope you can see the regret this mama has over not investing in the pro portraits, and learn from me. You will never regret professional photos of your little ones, because you will treasure them forever!

Senior-photographer, Sycamore-Illinois, senior-portraits-high-school

Cheers & Sparkles

💖Andrea | Your High School Senior Memory Taker

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  1. Joni Simone

    As always, beautiful pictures. I can’t wait till Noelle is a senior, so that you can take her pictures.

    • Andrea

      Thanks Joni! I’m looking forward to seeing Noelle in front of my lens 🙂


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