It took 5-hours + 58-minutes

I did it to save you a whole lot-ta time!

brand photographer

Who knew getting all gussied up, moving a few pieces of furniture, setting up my studio + remote camera gear could take SIX-HOURS of a day to shoot a Personal Story Brand Session?

I did!

But just in case you didn’t know how time consuming it could be I wanted to have the exact details for you. Ask any one of my clients – I’m a details gal.

If you have an entire day to put your personal branding session together for your business + add in all the prep time on yourself {and have your camera skills perfected}, then you might wanna shoot your own business images + headshots. Although the fun-factor drops when you’re sitting {and dancing} in a room alone.

It took me from 11:40am – 5:38pm to get it done.

BUT WAIT! Not finished yet! The images still needed to be download, culled + edited. The gallery of 48 images that I kept took another 3-hours and 12-minutes.

If you’re still thinking about taking an entire day to shoot your own personal brand story at least make a Spotify playlist of your favs to add pep to your step for that long day. It won’t be as much fun, or easy, as hiring a professional photographer but if you must…

I did this full day experiment for you. But I definitely missed working with my photographer on this project.

Whenever possible I don’t do my headshots + branding. The time alone should tell you why, but working with a photographer adds so many other benefits::

  • I can’t devote two days every quarter to my brand shoot {prep + shoot + edit + clean-up}
  • “Two heads are better than one” – Working with another always brings out more creativity to the shoot
  • Procrastination – I’ve been putting this off for months because, “it’s just my shoot”
  • I run a photography business so I can pull this off, but can you run your BEST business if you didn’t outsource the parts you’re not an expert in?
  • Time or money – both cost a business
  • Personal brand photography sessions need to be planned out in detail
  • Planning the location, wardrobe, props, colors, lighting, composition all play into the story of a brand

It’s in the details! Clients have told me they come back to SMP because I focus on the little things, the details.

I didn’t have anyone in the studio helping me adjust the fine details so I was constantly going to the mirror checking my hair, clothes, lipstick… so that each piece fit my story. Think of a kid on a teeter-totter going up-down-up-down and you’ll have a picture of what I looked like getting up-n-down checking the back of my camera to make sure I had the shot I wanted.

BRANDING IS A BIG DEAL! It’s our business, it’s what we build, stress over, get psyched about, but it also needs to share who we are behind the brand. Customers today want a brand that shares their HUMAN SIDE and knowing how to represent that through your images means the difference between a successful or struggling business.

Brand photography is an investment in YOU and your business!

We use images everywhere to tell a story. They’re used on websites, all over social media, email, marketing, blog posts – and sharing pieces ourselves in a story gives potential customers a chance to get to know us BEFORE they trust us with their money.

  • Blog posts with photo’s get 2x more shares
  • Visual content is shared 40% more on social media than anything else
  • Your brain processes images 60,000x faster than text

Do you have 5-hours and 58-minutes to spend creating your visual story in a world that flashes by faster than you can read “5-hours and 58-minutes”?

You should spend more time dancing than trying to do every business detail on your own.


Shining Moments Personal Brand Photography is coming soon to help you elevate YOUR BRAND. Only 5 sessions available. Don’t miss the announcement. Be the first to hear when they’re released by signing up on the waiting list.

Cheers and Sparkles,


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