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Are you a reel {er}? Or TIKTOK {er}?

Reel? TikTok? No, no, no, don’t skip that question…I really want to know!

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Let’s Kick It Up a Notch!

Yes. I’m a professional photographer, but I also create a lot of free photo content for you to have fun, learn a new tip, + be a photo resource for the times you’re not in front of my lens. Oh, and, hopefully bring a smile to your day with my quirky video clips.

But as we head into 2021 I’m researching what platform my followers like best… Instagram or TIKTOK.

In this age of technology and advancements in cell phone cameras a lot of people think they can do all the photography on their own. And that’s cool. You do you. Being a former teacher I believe we should forever + always keep learning and have fun doing it. And in my reels I give a lot of tips to try with your cell phone camera. But there is also a time for professional photography.

SMP Side Note:: There are times in life when you can’t replace a professional photographer + the experience AND FUN of your own personal photo session! We all deserve a day to celebrate + be pampered. Having your photographer SHOW YOU, how magnificent you are.

Now back to the question that started this post…The one I’d really, truly love to hear your answer to.

Do you watch more Reels or TIKTOK?

I’ve been focusing on SMPreels to help you create better + fun photos. Have you seen any of them? Or have you been over on TikTok for your short-clip video?

Have I asked the question enough for you to answer in the comments below or send me a DM? Please.😊

Obviously I believe you can never replace the experience you receive in my high school senior or headshot sessions, but I also want to give you tips + smiles in your everyday. They’re not a replacement to celebrate YOU in your last chapter of high school or getting your personal brand on-point from the start. And me + my lens can’t follow you around capturing your everyday. So adding more FUN with my Reels/TIKTOK video clips brings you new ideas to try with your camera or phone.

And laughs. I know how to have fun. We can all use more laughs in our day right!?

Fun Reels to try::

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P.S. My Instagram reels give you a lot of fun content to use for your photos, but not everything in life is meant to be “do it yourself”. Let a professional senior photographer pamper and show you how the world see’s the beautiful you!

P.P.S. Shining Moments Photography brings an experience you can never give yourself on your own. And some great photo memories for a lifetime.

Did you see + try this one yet?


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Professional Headshot Photographer. Let's Show the World Your Kind of Beautiful! #SMPshine


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