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Growing up | Marketing on Social Media

Growing up into “adulting” is tough stuff!

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Here’s a short story about knowing the best way to start your marketing on social media.

Let’s go back to graduating from high school and deciding what to study for a profession. That’s a grown-up thing to do {I’m on my third big girl decision}.

Getting your college degree or starting your own business is definitely a grown-up choice. And starting your OWN BUSINESS is a really grown-up choice to make!

It’s hard to believe that some of my first high school seniors have + are graduating from college or out in the world making big grown-up decisions.

Some of your choices are easy.

“Do I run to Chipotle for dinner or tear open that mac-n-cheese box in my cabinet?” While some are tough – “Should I take that internship with XYZ or go to summer school to graduate sooner?”

One choice might cost you $9 {but Chipotle guacamole is awesome, so maybe $11}, and the other could be thousands.

Awhile back I needed to make a decision – One of those BIG DECISIONS. And one I’d been putting off for about six months.

“Should I add this line into my tiny business, or stay where I’m at?”

I made the choice over nine years ago to start my small business. And adding in another piece to my business is a BIG GROWN-UP DECISION.

How do I balance all the tasks involved with my business AND not lose family time?

After months of researching, planning, and organizing, I made it happen… SMP grew a bit bigger!

This internet thing is sticking around, and the buzz words of influencer + branding are everywhere, alongside the growing group of entrepreneurs.

It’s a new way to marketing on social media.

Small businesses can compete with big businesses. It levels the playing field for all of us!

If you know how to do it right.

I added another niche to my tiny businesses because of NEED. Marketing on social media is big business that can be done by the small business owners today.

I’ve always loved small groups or one-on-one interactions at SMP. I’m drawn to the conversations, different personalities + the stories.

Let me snap a picture of what I mean…

We go clothes shopping for different reasons.

Scenario 1:: You run into Target for a quick outfit to wear to that BBQ you forget about after work. No help on what to buy, you just grab an outfit that’ll work. Pay. 💰 Leave. 🚗

Scenario 2:: You wanna create a sparkling outfit for a party, girls’ night out, or date night. For that outfit, you beeline to your favorite boutique where you get individual attention. They help you design a stunning outfit because they have a passion for it. They LOVE creating outfits JUST FOR YOU!

I’ve shopped both ways, but there’s no question – I love + wear the outfits most often that I bought from the boutique.

So it’s no surprise that I’ve designed my photography business around that small personalized boutique model.

It’s more individual and one-on-one.

SMP senior photography is one-on-one, tailored attention. My headshots + small business branding piece helps add another chapter to your story after the high school years and guide you through branding yourself + adding to your business story.

I’ve been branding my business for years, and I want to help you do the same so you can build your marketing on social media and your business.

Whether we run our business full-time, part-time or 3/4-time, having a resource to help you keep moving forward + present professional images to tell a curated business story is invaluable in our fast-paced social media marketing world.

Branding is a creative art.

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Branding your business mixes the palate of you + your business with your unique twist on the product or service you offer.


SMP Personal Brand Photography is the extra SPARKLE you need in your business.

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💖 Your Brand Photographer

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