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Hey there! I’m back again, ya know, your photographer for senior pictures.

However, this week I’m showing you how we have fun on a SENIOR GUY shoot! I’m the photographer for senior pictures for ALL!

I know the guys are thinking, “Senior photos + fun…doesn’t happen!”

OHHHH – but it does happen. You still don’t believe me! Let me show you!

Senior-Photographer, photographer-senior-pictures

Do you play sports? What instrument do you play? Do you act or dance? How about a book lover? Is there a classic car you’ve rebuilt? Just like planning for a senior girl session, I’ve curated so many stories for guys too.

However, I really get senior guy’s attention when I tell them…

I plan it all for you if you want, so you just have show up.

Oh yes, you read that right!

Whether you’re a Mom reading this, or a senior guy {because Mom made you read it}, let me make it interesting for you.

You answer the questionnaire that gives me some of your likes {and the dislikes} and I take care of putting it all together for you until we meet up on your senior portraits day. Even then I make it FUN, or at the bare minimum, easy + less than an hour of your whole day.

sycamore-senior-photographer, photographer-senior-pictures

Let me show {and tell} you an example::

Here’s James.

Let’s say you’re an athlete like James.

James played for the Spartan’s at Sycamore High School. He loves the sport, so I took him to a baseball mound to…

PLAY BALL! {Did ya hear that booming umpire voice in your head? I practiced it just for you.}

We played while we shot by asking him to pitch, throw, catch in the outfield. Get the idea? We took action shots + he didn’t feel like we were just posing for pictures the entire time.

Although, being a photographer for senior pictures we did take some in his uniform in a woodsy location instead of the typical playing field.

It’s another WIN-WIN!

At the time of his senior pictures we didn’t know he’d play baseball through college. So Mom having these images of where it all started is having another forever memory that’s unrepeatable.

When I asked him to pose with his bat + mitt, I captured posed images for Mom, but he was happier having something to do/hold.

For many of my athletic seniors, their uniforms are a part of them. They live in them really. And it’s a big part of their high school memories.

Let’s get any and all of those high school pieces into your images in creative ways.

high-school-Senior-Photography, baseball-player
sycamore-senior-photographer, baseball

This location is actually on land owned by his family, in a wooded area on the outskirts of town. I did his sister McKenna’s senior photos as well, and his mom wanted to include some of the same locations for a cohesive look. Way to go Mom!

Do you have a location in mind for your senior pictures? Let’s chat about it.

Sycamore-High-School, senior-photographer-near-me

Last little tip for you… Fall is a VERY POPULAR time in Illinois.

{Again said in my booming umpire voice๐Ÿ˜‰}

My senior list for Fall has 3 sessions left, so I hope you step up to the plate soon.

If you’re a 2021 senior and even think you’ll be wanting senior portraits this Fall, now is the time to::

and ask questions, request a quote, reserve your session. We don’t get to repeat these LASTS of high school AND I whole heartedly try my darn-dest to have fun!

So senior guys, make Mom happy beyond belief and ask her if she’s scheduled your session with Shining Moments Photography.

andrea, signature, shining-moments-photography

๐Ÿ’– Your Senior Guy Photographer

P.S. Signing up for the SMP e-mail list TODAY will keep you in-the-know for the SMP up-comings of tomorrow!

P.P.S Here is a tip-packed post if you’re looking for urban photography ideas + natural looks.

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senior-photographers-near-me, senior-guys


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