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She had a very specific request and I did a HAPPY DANCE when she asked me! Urban photography is my all-time favorite way to tell your story.

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Maxine’s mom contacted me about setting up her daughter’s senior portraits before she left for college. Yep, she had senior pictures right before leaving for college.

Sometimes life gets moving PRETTY FAST, and things don’t fit in when you want them to. Senior portraits were important to Mom + Maxine and they wanted them done in an urban setting.

This is where I insert my HAPPY DANCE!

It’s no secret that senior portrait stories are my absolute favorite.

When you add in a downtown backdrop with fun colors, buildings, cars going by {and of course honking}, and all the energy, the fun-factor quadruples.

Add in Maxine’s fun personality and we had a great mix! So don’t let Maxine’s stare-down trick you into thinking she doesn’t know how to play in front of the camera.

She was up for all my ideas + relaxed in front of my lens in a FLASH.

When we choose the right location for your personality you SHINE bright in front of my camera. It’s YOUR STORY!

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An Urban photography setting fit Maxine’s story.

In my Senior Portrait Collections I ask seniors to fill out a questionnaire before we chat about their location, wardrobe, + style ideas. From there I create the session that fits each senior’s story. 

Maxine’s questionnaire gave me starting points. After talking a bit more I found out she uses her sunglasses more as a headband than glasses.

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Botta-Bing! Another piece of her story

YEP! Gotta use those in her senior story! It’s the “LITTLE” details that help make the biggest memories.

Don’t be shy about opening up when we meet at the consultation with all the little + big details that are YOU.

Maxine has a lot going on this Fall with her volleyball team + focusing on her engineering goals. She certainly has no shortage of ambition!

Since she’s a college athlete, I thought I’d start her practicing her “Game Face” early. I love her smile, but she’s also got a pretty good game face too, don’t you agree?

senior-portraits, senior-photographer-near-me, urban-photography, senior-pictures, Geneva-IL, Geneva-IL-photographer

We’re never too old to discover something new.  I put together a playlist for all my seniors based on their favorites. Maxine chose songs I’ve never heard before, so it made creating her playlist all the more fun.

Have you heard of “All These Things That I’ve Done” by the Killers or “Float On” by Modest Mouse? Maybe you have, could be a generational thing, but I found a new genre that I’ll be exploring on Spotify.

senior-portraits, senior-photographer-near-me, professional-portraits, senior-pictures, Geneva-IL, Geneva-IL-photographer, urban-photography, high-school-senior-photographer
senior-portraits, senior-photographer-near-me, professional-portraits, senior-pictures, Geneva-IL, Geneva-IL-photographer, urban-photography
senior-portraits, senior-photographer-near-me, professional-portraits, senior-pictures, Geneva-IL, Geneva-IL-photographer, photography-urban,

The FUN comes in planning the details, and that’s exactly what I do with each individual senior.

These moments come & go so fast! Having this piece of your story to look back on is a BIG DEAL! Let’s match your story with your backdrop.

Pick an urban photography setting, natural, or your own home. We’ll make YOUR senior portraits fit YOUR STORY!

Up next, Mom and I are meeting to design + get Maxine’s beautiful self into print to complete this chapter of her story.

If you’re interested in creating your final high school story + showing the world YOUR KIND OF BEAUTIFUL, let’s chat and plan your Senior Session before all the Fall dates are gone.

Cheers & Sparkles to capturing your final high school chapter

💖-Andrea | Urban Photography + coffee shop Gal

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  • LeslieAugust 8, 2018 - 12:46 pm

    These photos are beautiful! We have been so happy with your service and attention to detail. Thank you, Andrea! ReplyCancel

    • AndreaAugust 8, 2018 - 2:35 pm

      Thanks so much for searching me out Leslie! I had a great time with you both! Happy college days to your Sweet Girl!ReplyCancel

  • SusanAugust 8, 2018 - 12:29 pm

    Gorgeous!  So happy my friend asked for a recommendation once she saw Sophie’s Senior Portraits! ReplyCancel

    • AndreaAugust 8, 2018 - 2:41 pm

      Thank you for recommending my photography, Sue! It means so much💖ReplyCancel


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