Makeup:: 3 Must Haves For Photos…At Least These 3

Do you wear makeup everyday or just for the special occasions? Today I have 3 must-haves to get photo makeup ready!

Last week over on my IGTV Tip Tuesday {@ShiningMomentsPhotography} I showed some photo makeup tips + suggestions.

I’ve preached for years that wearing a few key pieces of makeup for your headshot or senior images can make a REALLY BIG DIFFERENCE.


Wear foundation, eyeliner, and mascara to help balance your skin tone and accentuate your eyes for the little bit of pop. Foundation evens out your skin and gives a smooth finish. Eyeliner + mascara helps your eyes standout {especially on those close-up shots}.

SIDE NOTE:: Thrive is my Summer/Fall color and the Chanel foundation is my winter color.

What if I never wear makeup?

I know alllll about that… My own high school senior doesn’t wear makeup on a typical day, but she’ll indulge me for two events::

  • Her Mama’s photo sessions
  • Stage night for her musical performances
makeup-tips, foundation, makeup

If you don’t wear makeup on the regular I offer the names of a makeup artist to get the job done.

If you’re thinking about trying makeup or have a makeup-guru-friend, first head into Sephora or Ulta to get help matching a foundation color to your skin. We color-match the foundation to our skin tone so you have a natural look, and not a painted Bobo-the-Clown look.

AFTER foundation add a concealer to your under-eyes + dark spots. My fav has become CREASELESS by Tarte. My teens don’t have to worry about those pesky little age lines like I do, but genetics, lack of sleep + not enough water gives us those dark circles that we get at any age.

I discovered that I don’t like to use my fingers to put on my concealer so I stopped using the BYE BYE under eye, but a lot of people swear by this one {pictured below}. Urban Decay had more of a matte finish, but that one {silver tube} wears better on the younger crowd {settles into my fine lines too much}.

makeup-tips, concealor, tarte

Foundation FIRST.

Concealer SECOND.

Eyes THIRD. A caveat would be if you’re going to wear eye shadow. Put the eye shadow on FIRST then do your foundation + concealer. If any of your eye shadow falls onto your face it’ll be a cinch to get off.

makeup-tips, mascara, makeup, eyeliner, eye-brows

The golden real estate with close ups + headshots is through our eyes and mouth {eyebrows too}. It’s our expression zone and we want both to leap off the page {or screen}.

How do you express yourself without any words at all + jump off the page?

You jump out with eyeliner {+ eye shadow if you want} and mascara. Bonus points for brow pencil. When we’re shooting headshots or close-up shots you are giving off all your expression through your eyes, eyebrows {yes, I’m serious}, and your mouth. The other three-quarters of your body is out of the picture so all the focus is up close and personal.

makeup-tips, makeup, eye-shadow, charlotte-tilbury


Every time I tried to put on eye shadow in that fancy runway model way I’ walk out of the bathroom looking like someone punched me in the eye. No kidding.

So, when I found Charlotte Tilbury’s little pots of gold I was was giddy! A few swipes across my lid + brow bone and I’m ready to go. If I’m feeling really creative I add some contrast with the darker color along the crease and outer lid…eye shadow complete!

Makeup shouldn’t be a mystery nor take half the day to apply, but it does make a difference in your finished portraits. You will shine through in your images with a little touch of pop, but the photos will still BE YOU. I’ve created everything we need to make makeup prep easy + fun in my photo makeup guide that I give to all of my headshot + senior portrait clients. And if I’m not the right photographer for you, you can always have a peek at my Tip Tuesday to help.

Until next week…CHEERS!


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