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3 Must Haves For Photo Makeup

Whether you wear makeup everyday or just for the special occasions, I have 3 must-haves to get photo makeup ready!

Last week over on my IGTV Tip Tuesday {@ShiningMomentsPhotography} I showed photo makeup tips + suggestions.

I’ve preached for years that wearing a few key pieces of makeup for your headshot or senior images can make a



Wear foundation, eyeliner, and mascara to help balance your skin tone and accentuate your eyes for the little bit of pop.

Foundation evens out your skin and gives a smooth finish. Eyeliner + mascara helps your eyes standout {especially on those close-up shots}.

SIDE NOTE:: In the ideal makeup world having two shades of foundation keeps your skin even. Have your Winter shade + Summer shade in the bag.

Thrive is my Summer/Fall color and the Chanel foundation is my winter color.

What if I never wear makeup?

I know alllll about that… My own high school senior doesn’t wear makeup on a typical day, but she’ll indulge me for two events::

  • Her Mama’s photo sessions
  • Stage night for her musical performances
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If you don’t wear makeup on the regular and have no clue where to start I offer the names of a makeup artist to make the prep EASY + FUN for your portraits.

If you’re thinking about trying makeup or have a makeup-guru-friend, first head into Sephora or Ulta. They will help you match a foundation color to your skin.

We color-match the foundation to our skin tone so you have a natural look, and not a painted Bobo-the-Clown look.

But costume makeup is fun too! When I practice applying those really cool eyeshadow designs Halloween makeup is the only way to describe my eyes.

I know my makeup limits!

AFTER foundation add a concealer to your under-eyes + dark spots. My fav has become CREASELESS by Tarte. My teens don’t have to worry about those pesky little age lines like I do, but genetics, lack of sleep + not enough water gives us those dark circles that we get at any age.

I discovered that I don’t like to use my fingers to put on my concealer so I stopped using the BYE BYE under eye, but a lot of people swear by this one {pictured below}. Urban Decay had more of a matte finish, but that one {silver tube} wears better on the younger crowd {settles into my fine lines too much}.

makeup-tips, concealor, tarte

Foundation FIRST.

Concealer SECOND.

Eyes THIRD. A caveat would be if you’re going to wear eye shadow. Put the eye shadow on FIRST then do your foundation + concealer. If any of your eye shadow falls onto your face it’ll be a cinch to get off.

makeup-tips, mascara, makeup, eyeliner, eye-brows

The golden real estate with close ups + headshots is through our eyes and mouth {eyebrows too}. It’s our expression zone and we want both to leap off the page {or screen}.

How do you express yourself without any words at all + jump off the page?

You jump out with eyeliner {+ eye shadow if you want} and mascara. Bonus points for brow pencil. When we’re shooting headshots or close-up shots you are giving off all your expression through your eyes, eyebrows {yes, I’m serious}, and your mouth. The other three-quarters of your body is out of the picture so all the focus is up close and personal.

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I found the fix for my eye shadow problem.

Every time I tried to put on eye shadow in that fancy runway model way I’ walk out of the bathroom looking like someone punched me in the eye.

So, when I found Charlotte Tilbury’s little pots of gold I was was giddy! A few swipes across my lid + brow bone and BAM! I’m ready to go!

If I’m feeling really creative I add some contrast with the darker color along the crease and outer lid…eye shadow complete!

Makeup shouldn’t be a mystery nor take half the day to apply, but it does make a difference in your finished portraits.

You will shine through in your images with a little touch of pop, but the photos will still BE YOU. I’ve created everything we need to make your photo makeup prep easy + fun in my photo makeup guide.

My prep guide helps all of my headshot + senior portrait clients.

And if I’m not the right photographer for you, you can always have a peek at my Tip Tuesday to help.

Until next week…CHEERS & Sparkles to your week!

đŸ’–Andrea | Shining Moments Photography


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Headshot Photographer serving Dekalb County and Kane County


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