Three short words make up my Manifesto. And they all lead into the most important piece… SHOW THE WORLD YOUR KIND OF BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been pouring over sentences, words, and phrases since last August when I attended a workshop. At the time it seemed so simple when we were encouraged to sit down and write our Manifesto. Why do what you do? Why do you love photography? Why work so hard to build your business? Why do photographs matter so much? I thought it sounded like a simple task to write it down on paper and throw it out into the world.

Mistake #1:: It hasn’t been simple. Did I mention I’ve been working on this since August. I’ve written sentences, then deleted. Added phrases, scratched them out. Made a list of my most important words to include and whittled them down to the most important.

The words & phrases aren’t perfectly eloquent, or express all the reasons why I love photographing teens + headshots, but if I wait for perfect I may never hit publish.

Mistake #2:: Writing from the heart means being vulnerable. That’s a word I’m not good at practicing.  In this age of social media, where people say unkind words hiding behind their phone or keyboard,

it’s tough – I mean REALLY TOUGH to put yourself out there, and be vulnerable.

Will my words be read or shared? No idea. But I finally hit publish and it’s out there! Next, it’s time to print it and add it to my office wall.

Show the world YOUR kind of BEAUTIFUL!






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