Three short words make up the SMP Manifesto. And they all lead into the most important piece… SHOW THE WORLD YOUR KIND OF BEAUTIFUL!

I’ve been pouring over sentences, words, + phrases since forever when I attended a workshop. At the time it seemed so simple when we sat down to write our Manifesto.

  • Explain why I do what I do?
  • Why do I love photography?
  • Why work so hard to build your business?
  • Share the reason photographs matter so much?

I thought it sounded like a simple task to write it down on paper and share it out into the world.

Mistake #1::

It hasn’t been simple.

Did I mention I’ve been working on this for SIX MONTHS! I’ve written sentences, then deleted. Added phrases, scratched them out. Made a list of my most important words to include + whittled them down even smaller to the very-most important.

The words + phrases aren’t perfectly eloquent, or express all the reasons why I love photographing teens and the challenge of the headshot.

But if I wait for perfect I may never hit publish.

Mistake #2::

Writing from the heart means being vulnerable.

That’s a word I’m not good at practicing.  In this age of social media, where people say unkind words hiding behind their phone or keyboard, it’s tough!

I mean the kind of TOUGH where I’m standing on the edge of a cliff looking out wondering if that edge will hold or crumble. That kind of scary-tough putting myself out there. It makes a person more vulnerable throwing something out in words and hoping people get it.

Will my words be read or shared? No idea. But I finally hit publish and it’s out there! Next, it’s time to print it and add it to my office wall.

Show the world YOUR kind of BEAUTIFUL!




Cheers & Sparkles

đŸ’–Andrea | Shining Moments Photography


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Headshot Photographer serving Dekalb County and Kane County


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