March Madness + The Teen World

It’s March…One step closer to graduation 2020 and the month of basketball March Madness! #GoZags

I filled February with iPhone tips to help you take photos of your everyday moments with the camera you ALWAYS have on-hand.

And for March Madness we’re going to focus on some other fun that you might be celebrating in your house too!

  • Teen birthday ideas {we have an adult in our house this month}
  • New SMP Senior Collections {your teen will be a senior WAY SOONER than you think, as I found out this year}
  • Graduation help
  • Capturing your last BIG HIGH SCHOOL MOMENT

If you’ve been around SMP, you know I’ve got habits…Theme habits to tell a story whenever I can, and for March Madness I’m going with Senior 2020. My oldest is graduating high school this Spring and being a senior + headshot photographer I can play with my professional + personal life on the blog this month to help us all live our best life in the story that’s unfolding with our teens, + soon-to-be adult {YIKES!}.

Starting this Wednesday we’re diving into all things senior!

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Senior 2020 Theme Month::

  • Week 1 – 18th Birthday in the house {Teen birthday ideas}
  • Week 2 – New senior collection {You asked, so thought I’d test it out this Spring}
  • Week 3 – Want to plan BEFORE grad month strikes {Because it’s gonna be busy! Really – Really BUSY!}
  • Week 4 – Family Sunset + Cap & Gown Moments

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If you’re not cheering for a team this March Madness or filling out your bracket for the office pool, let me help ya out there too… Gonzaga Bulldogs | GO ZAGS {we’ve slipped a little from the top spot, but it’s just to throw everyone off 😉}


Andrea | Shining Moments Photography

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Spring flowers are coming too


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Headshot Photographer serving Dekalb County and Kane County


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