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Happy Mother’s Day Mama!

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On Mother’s Day I take a wee-bit advantage of a day dubbed for all Mom’s. I do it because, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

That line Ferris Bueller made famous back in the late 80’s still holds TRUE today!

Between work, family, running a business, school, volunteering… Mom’s are tired + hanging on by that strong, but also delicate, thread. We look around us or on social media and see how everyone is doing it better.

But you know what?

How many times did someone tell you they were inspired by you?

Or tell you that the messy top-knot you’re sporting today looks super cute? {SHHHHHH – We don’t have to share that we haven’t washed it in 5 days.}

In the rush of daily life we so often focus on the oops rather than the awww moments.

We beat ourselves up because we told our kiddos we’d drop their lunch at school and then TOTALLY forget. {Or I could be the only mom toting that award. Not one of my awesome Mom-Moments.}

We all have a lot going in our world’s and today is the day marked on the calendars that we get to relax, celebrate, not cook, pick the movie to see, or JUST BE!

But when your glorious “rest” day is over and your beautiful off-spring slip back into their teen lives {or toddler-tantrums} remember…


You do inspire them + so many that might never tell you.

And if no one told you today…


Keep Showing Up!

Keep Being The Best Version of YOU!


mothers-day, mom, moms, shining-moments-photography, inspiring-moms, st-charles-il, sycamore-il
Happy-mothers-day, mom, moms, shining-moments-photography, inspiring-moms, st-charles-il, sycamore-il
happy-mothers-day, mom, moms, shining-moments-photography, inspiring-moms, st-charles-il, sycamore-il
mom, mama, shining-moments-photography, inspiring-moms, st-charles-il, sycamore-il

And in that slow five minutes of your day click on INSTAGRAM for more ways to catch some inspiration .

CHEERS & SPARKLES on Mother’s Day!

💖Andrea | Shining Moments Photography

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