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New Photography Website Reveal! | Shining Moments Photography

Cue the sparkles please…

It’s finished! The improved Shining Moments Photography website for you!

My photography website has always been a chore. I had new design ideas to add, but like asking my teenagers to do their chores, when I said + repeated it, nothing happened. This year I realized I’m not Samantha in Bewitched😫 I can’t twinkle my nose and change my site. WordPress actually wants me to arrange the elements on the screen {that’s a lot of work}!

Being a small business I’ve learned how to do a lot of the business aspects myself.

However, part of being a good business owner is realizing what I’m not good at + find someone who can do the job faster + better than me. Enter another small business owner WHO IS BRILLIANT AT WEB DESIGN! {Or maybe she’s magic and twinkles her nose to make it all happen.}

It’s a total overhaul. It’s more user-friendly + tailored to the information you need quickly for your senior girl or senior guy portraits or professional headshots and Personal Branding.

I hope it’s a seamless user experience for you + I wanted to highlight some of the new features you’ll find. Also, if you’re needing to build or refresh your website I have the Wonder Woman builder for you!

{Want to watch instead of read the photography website upgrades? Skip to the video walk-through at the bottom}

1/ SERVICES {Photography website addition}

The SERVICES tab answers your session questions {and image samples of course}::

  • Senior Guys {the 3 Collections | FAQ | Reviews}
  • Senior Girls {Collections | recent Instagram | Makeup+Outfit FAQ}
  • Headshots + Personal Brand {When to get them | Why you need them | 4 Collections | FAQ}
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The NEWS tab is a new update on the SMP photography website for seasonal shoots + my latest promotions::

  • Now Booking tab to reserve the latest session
  • Cap & Gown mini session dates
  • Access to Sparkle Notes {arrives only once-a-month to your inbox}


My SMP BLOG is posted every Wednesday + talks about MORE than photography::

  • high school life – I write about it
  • graduation + graduation parties – I’ve got the checklists + ideas
  • photography tips – of course
  • packing for college + being a college freshmen – done & done
  • headshot tips made easy
  • how to brand your business – researched + been through it
  • everything I’ve written on the blog could make five more pages, but instead…

Have a peek at my BLOG. ORRRR if you follow me on the SMP Instagram or Facebook pages I update you each week on the new content.

You just need to tap your little pinky finger on the link each week. {That’s kinda like Bewitched magic.😉}

{Unless of course you’re not following me – but that’s silly speak! Why wouldn’t you make your life more FUN + EASY?}


The client tab is, wellllll, for clients – Once you reserve your session you’ll get access to all of my senior + headshot tips to create your forever story session!


Of course, you can always CONTACT me with any questions you couldn’t find on the website💖

Here’s that quick SMP video tour I mentioned::

I hope to see you in front of my lens SOON!
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💖 Your Professional Photographer {who’s really excited about her new photography website created by Website Refresh}

P.S. If you’re looking for a website refresh or a new creation here is the Website Wonder Women you need::

I worked with Suzanne at Website Refresh and love the new website design we came up with for 2021! They are a small business like myself {#supportsmallbusiness}. Working on the WordPress platform made it simple to migrate my front-end over {which she did for me}. There are nine starter templates to use or they will design around ideas you have in mind. They customize your look to fit your creative niche perfectly!

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My photography website, Shining Moments Photography, is a full service portraiture brand specializing in senior portraits, headshots, & personal brand photography.

How will we tell your story?


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Professional Headshot Photographer. Let's Show the World Your Kind of Beautiful! #SMPshine


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