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Nails | Remember The Details

Nailing the small details makes a difference in your senior portraits, especially the close-up! The biggest-little detail that is often forgotten!


And before you say it, I’ll answer it…Yes, your Nails Get Noticed!

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Nail color is an important detail

But these little babies can make a powerful impact in your Senior Pictures + Brand Portfolio, both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE!

I get it, you don’t have time to get your nails done or paint yourself and sit around to, “watch the paint dry.”

But Ask yourself this

How often will you have your high school senior portraits taken?

A. Every year of high school


You chose ‘B’ right?😉 These will probably, most likely, conceivably, be the last formal images until your wedding day!

Ponder that idea for a second.

You don’t want to look back at your favorite images only to see the glare of your chipped nail polish do you? This is one of many tiny details that you may forget if it weren’t for my checklist I give you before your session. {I take the time to make it VERY EASY + give you the exact timeline for what + when to get things done.}

And if you never paint your nails…No problem. The checklist reminder is simply to be sure your nails are clean or maybe have a clear, SHINY coat put on.

I do all the hard, boring stuff – you get all the fun!

✔︎ Check



You have a story to tell + and I’m there to curate it with you in a fun + memorable day.

You see the painted finger nail images scattered in this post of all the pretty Fall colors + designs, but if color isn’t your thing,

A SIMPLE CLEAR COAT is all you need in your portraits.

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Fingernail polish is like another accessory to your wardrobe, but it’s also a piece that gets overlooked a lot of times.

Who will notice my fingernails in my senior pictures?

Believe me! We see your nails!

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We move, we may dance, we use props, and your hands get in the groove too.

Now my sport-teens may be thinking the last thing they want to make time for is painting nails, and that’s fine. As long as they are fresh + clean you’re good to go.

However, I love sports of every kind, played-um, coached-um, + watch-um, but I also like a little glam too 😉

This isn’t an all-or-nothing deal here. Have you been the same person from junior high to senior year?

I’m guessing you’ve changed some in the last five years. This is your high school chapter to close out and you get to tell it ANY. WAY, YOU. WANT! Just because you never paint your nails, doesn’t mean you don’t like to. Want to get a little pampered before your senior cameo appearance in front of my lens? Make an appointment at the nail salon and let them do all the work.

Better yet, why not get a pedicure too!

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Plain or colorful is all up to you. But keep your wardrobe colors in mind when picking out your color.

If you haven’t reserved your senior session with me yet, let’s get you started! And while you’re waiting for me to respond, I’ve collected great ideas on Pinterest for your nails, hair, makeup, + wardrobe.

My boards are ready and waiting for you to PIN!

I’m here to capture the FUN of being young and tell your high school story when your ready.

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💖 Your Detailed Photographer

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