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Photography is art. And art in photography is created in so many ways to fit our style.

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Art Comes Through in YOUR Images

After all our senior session fun, we can design art for your walls that will make your memories SPARKLE forever!

  • Classic Art:: Framed art of your images throughout the house
  • Painters Touch:: Framed prints mixed with frameless canvas’
  • Modern Art:: A design of mixed pieces that tell your story on metal or floating metal pieces

Okay, true, you won’t find these definitions of art in the Webster’s but if you look back over generations you’ll see the transformation of art in photography. And know we should add them to the Webster. 😉

And with those changes over time I like to add new pieces of art to the SMP catalog.

I look for pieces that you can’t find somewhere else.

Why? Because with my Senior Collections you’re always given my full resolution images to print on your own. And I want unique pieces for each unique client I get to work with in each session. The image files I give you are there for that one relative you forgot about. Because who hasn’t forgotten to order a print for sweet Aunt Betsy at Christmas?

My hand is raised over here for that question. {Yep, even photographer’s do it.}

But for your STRIKING, POP-OFF-THE-WALL photography art, I have the perfect pieces to fit your style.

Art in Photography

I designed a new piece for my wall and it arrived last week! The best part, besides my beautiful Emma on my wall, is when I deliver your piece of art it will be ready to hang + shine on your wall.

You’re going love them too! Granted, Emma is personal to me, and you can’t have her, but I can design this piece of art with your favorite image or images that I photograph with you.

Not only can I create this modern, metal art accented on a silk canvas backdrop, but we can sit and design a whole wall together.

I deconstructed one of my walls so you can see how one portrait can stand along, but to tell a complete story collage your portraits with accents. Turn a wall into your story pieces through the years!

Build onto your wall through the years

I also share ideas like this on my my instagram story + feed whenever I order new pieces or work with clients to design their story.

We build our story one moment + one art piece at a time. And by the time our Babies leave home to live their best life we have our walls filled with FOREVER memories to look back on.

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💖Your Senior Photographer + Pretty Wall Art Maker

P.S. My new website lays out each type of SMP Session Collection under the “services” tab. Let’s schedule a session so we can turn it into art!


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Headshot Photographer serving Dekalb County and Kane County


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