New Jeans – DIY Style

Have you tried a DIY Style?

Do you love jeans?

It’s no secret that I live in jeans.

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I wore business suits + biz casual for the first half of my professional life, but now most of those suits sit and collect dust. Working my own small business + mom life lets me declare it casual-Friday every day on the calendar.

almost every day!

A few weeks back I was going through my pile of old jeans {I know, when they’re ripped jeans they all look old}.

Instead of donating this pair, I tried a DIY style project. A NO SEW DIY.

DIY-ing a pair of jeans took less than 38-minutes. Maybe 39 to let the iron warm-up.

If you want to try repurposing a pair of jeans the DIY style options are endless when you walk down the ribbon aisle at Hobby Lobby. I showed a step-by-video on my IGTV yesterday so you can create your “new” pair of jeans for for any occasion.

  • Add a boho flair
  • Give your jeans a velvety touch
  • For the holidays – get a bright festive ribbon
  • Make your DIY style part of your Halloween look

It’s waaaayyyyy easier than you think to create a new look + get a longer wear out of your clothes.

Bonus – Bonus:: By repurposing your jeans {and showing off your creative fashion pizazz} your saving another pair from piling up in the landfill. Doing our part for Mother Nature.

DIY, jeans, fall-fashion, style, SMP, senior-photographer
DIY, jeans, fall-fashion, style, SMP, senior-photographer

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Click-on-over and get great ideas + some day-to-day HAPPY!

Until next week…CHEERS!

💖-Andrea |Shining Moments Photography

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