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You’ve probably seen me post on my social pages or on my blog,

Shine on and Shine bright.

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If you’re wondering, I post that often to remind every high schooler that they possess that special something that makes them unique! I also talk about your shining moments, and the way that capturing your memories in photographs helps them live on for generations.

But there’s one kind of shine that can actually work against you in your senior photos::

SPF shine spots! SPF makeup foundation is a major no-no for your senior photos. This is a little known makeup tip that I pass along to seniors before the day of their session.

Here are a few more SPF makeup tips to know::

What is SPF? Sun protection factor (SPF) is the length of time a sunscreen can protect you from UV rays.

Most of today’s makeup brands contain some form of SPF to help boost skin protectant, and especially prevent skin cancer and age spots. But, SPF is made of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, both of which are pure white particles and they show up brightly on camera.

While you should certainly protect your skin every day of the year (yes, even in winter), you’ll want to opt for an SPF free foundation for your big photo day.

Makeup brands without SPF::

With so many brands adding SPF to their products, where do you find ones that you can use for your session?

We love this website and it’s fairly comprehensive list of makeup products without SPF. The Make-up For Ever ultra HD foundation is a beauty blogger cult favorite and it photographs beautifully. It is on the higher end price wise, at $43.00 a bottle, but there are also lower-end items that are more budget-friendly!

More makeup tips::

Whether you love makeup and are always experimenting with new shades, or whether you only wear a touch of lip gloss, you’ll benefit from our SMP Makeup Guide! It’s filled with 10 of the most helpful hints. We also go over these + other tips during our senior consult so you’ll get the most from your senior experience!


💖Andrea | Senior + Headshot Photographer

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