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Staycation Chicago | Spring Break Places to go

Staycation Chicago + Sycamore and DeKalb to visit on your spring break week. Staying in or out-and-about for Spring Break?

Stay in and binge watch – I have a good and fashionable one to watch.

If you’re itching to get out now that all the snow has vanished from our salt-covered roads, I have plenty of places to go!

Now hear, or read, me out on this one…It’s time to stretch your legs + see old art in a new way. You might even re-think how you can start painting your first masterpiece. Or maybe your first stick-figure NFT {I hear it’s a thang}.

Van Gogh Exhibit in Chicago

Van Gogh Exhibit Chicago – It’s safe to gogh. {Can’t help it – puns are my curse.}

You’ll feel like you’re in an episode of “Emily in Paris” so how can it be boring!? Experience Immersive art with lights, movement, music and Van Gogh art. Even if you’re not an “arts person” this is a pretty cool way to light up all your senses, versus walking from room to room staring at a framed painting on a wall.

Here is the stay-in-Binge-Watching-Part…

Have you seen Emily in Paris? In season one Emily and Gabriel are at one of these interactive exhibits. If you haven’t seen that series yet, here’s your recommendation from none other than…Former Hall of Famer + funny guy, Payton Manning. He gushes over Emily in Paris, “I mean, this show has everything…!” 😂 And her wardrobe in season one is ou sensationnelle!

“Oooo-la-la, No you didn’t girl!” SNL Payton.

There’s a day of Spring Break binge watching right there. Stay in your PJ’S and watch seasons one + two of Emily in Paris.

Back to Chicago tours.

Moving art seems more like a way to take a nap rather than spend a Spring Break afternoon?

Fair enough.

How about a Chicago Crime Syndicate? {Said in a murderous Liam Neeson movie voice, for affect}

Jump aboard the Chicago Crime Tour and see stops for the notorious Al Capone + John Dillinger. No artwork here, only the true crime stops and stories the movies were made from. Pick your time from four available on the 2-hour tour.

Sidenote:: If you’re venturing to other fun cities this Spring Break you might match up with The FRIENDS Experience stops. They were in Chicago last year and on the Top 5 Best Attractions list {of course!}. If Friends is your lobster, add it to your list. They are ‘on a break’ from Chicago this year.

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That Time FRIENDS Arrived At Polka Dot Bakery in Sycamore

Staycation Chicago Food Stops {Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner, + one extra coffee stop}::

Because you know, not all coffee is the same and trying all can be a lifelong goal. I’ll tell where you can find it in about 10 more years or so. Still collecting. 😉

  • Eleven City Diner is on my list. With all-day breakfast and sky-high stacked meat sandwiches for Brian it’s a must-try. I’m going for the home brew root beer {they have to have a float with that right?}
  • RJ Grants. Their digital chopped salad bar has me intrigued for sure. And the invite…”Come on in and take a byte”
  • The 2D Restaurant sings to my creative + simple side of life. When you create a food experience like this I could stay all day. But then that Seinfeld episode pops into my head, “You been here 4-our – you go now!“, and I re-think getting my coffee and donut to go.
  • Eataly is on a revolving-repeat visit for me. Italian cafe, chocolate, dinner, cha-co-laut, my take-home olive oil, gelato, oh, and chocolate with a coffee.

Skip the hotel for your Staycation in chicago

If you’re staying the night in downtown, make your stay more interesting. I’ve found three places that give you more stretch space than a hotel room.

The first, an airbnb that comes with a view. Ya know, in case you want to stay in your yoga pants all day to catch up on coffee in-take and my, your, laundry list of book titles. I’ve added this airbnb to my downtown Chicago stay-spot because of their outdoor garden space.

But if this is an on-the-run, stay for two + catch a baseball game kinda stay, try this lofty stay near Wrigley field. Industrial feel and that blue couch gives off a Central Perk big city feel. A game at Wrigley still sits on my bucket list before we leave Chicago. Sommmmmeday.

And the Vrbo place that caught my eye for the whole family is centered in ‘Little Italy’ of the city. If the whole family is going for a few-day-staycation, you’ll be saying, “ciao bella” by the time you leave.

After staying + touring Chicago for a few days, head closer to home with some Sycamore Stops.

Staycation Chicago or Even Closer to home?

Let’s say you want to stay even closer to home, but still want to eeescape Sycamore for an hour.

Escape real life for a cold minute and then go next door to Throw an Axe in Sycamore

Pretty sure I never, nevvver, thought I’d be writing about throwing an axe for fun. But here we are, in 2022 and I’m seeing it everywhere!

But before you grab that axe, test your clue solving talents at the Sycamore Escape Rooms. next door.

How well do you perform under pressure, + a timer, + your peeps skittering in a small themed room to find the magic unlocking-door-key?

Win or lose, they’ll let you out eventually and you can walk next door to test your axe throwing skills at Northern Axeposure. I had no idea this was a thang. Should we be concerned when the website writes:: CLOSED TOE SHOES REQUIRED? Are my cloth-top sneakers an impenetrable defense against that axe!?

I’m skeptical, but I’ll give it throw.

How about dinner + a Movie?

Sycamore Theatre is open and there are new restaurants in town within walking distance to try this Spring Break.

Three totally different menu’s and all within walking to the theatre::

  • The Village Restaurant is bringing a little piece of Greece to town. I’d recommend the tzatziki sauce on their ‘Authentic Greek Gyro’. Next time in:: Greek Coffee
  • Buffalo Grill is your taco stop {Nick always get their steak quesadilla’s}
  • Cesaroni’s is coming to Sycamore and I’m ready. They had me at coffee + cheesaroni {some might call it a grilled cheese}.
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Dinner and a movie

Indoor or Outdoor Golf?

The thermometer hasn’t reached 85-degree’s outside yet. So I’m not excited about outdoor golf right now, but that’s an option for some. If it takes your blood longer to warm up after the last freeze try these indoor sport options::

Mason Indoor Family Golf Center in DeKalb {be sure to call & reserve your bay before going}

Bowling is another indoor option. I’ve got amazing bowling skills! When we were home for Christmas I didn’t even break a nail when my ball went flying off my hand in the wrong direction. It’s best to stand clear of me while I’m walking up to the lane.

In my defense those bowling balls ARE REALLY HEAVY and should have finger-holes on both sides of the ball! Thank goodness no one caught that on video! 🙈

Staycation Chicago to Sycamore is complete!

I hope y’all have a fantastic Spring Break staying – traveling – or binge watching that new series! {Hey, if it’s a good new series would you pass it along to me. March Madness will be over soon and Emily in Paris isn’t returning until Fall.}

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💖P.S. Traveling to Tempe, Arizona this Spring Break? Here are some ideas to fill your the desert.


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