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Did you “LIKE” the Shining Moments Photography Facebook page? If not, then you probably didn’t see the VIDEO post yesterday with the announcement.

No worries, you can still go check it out!

Go ahead, click on over – LIKE SMP – and watch the replay.

Seriously, it’s only a few minutes, and there’s some pretty fun stuff coming to SMP! The SMP Facebook page is also ground zero for events, news, and updates.

There are TWO perfect places I rely on to get sneak peeks + fun tips and blogs out::

  • 1/ The SMP Facebook page and if you don’t click LIKE, you’ll be missing out on everything!
    • Wondering why you should click LIKE when you have enough stuff clogging up your feed? Good Question!
    • Well, we post everything from fashion to tips on preparing for college, and if you’ve been one of our clients, you just might spot your own beautiful self on there from time to time!
  • 2/ Sparkle Notes is the other way TO SEE EVERYTHING COOL + FUN!
    • Sign up for Sparkle Notes. We post big stuff there, well after my VIP list of course {That’s a post for another day}
    • It’s only sent out once-per-month

SIGN UP HERE and sparkle on!

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Cheers & Sparkles

đŸ’–Andrea | SMP Senior + Headshot Photographer


Modern High School Senior Portraits + Headshot Photographer serving Dekalb County and Kane County


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