Top 8 Tips for Prom Photos You Want!

prom, prom-photos, prom-tips, NIU, Ellwood-House, Sycamore-History-Museum, portrait-photographyI know what you’re thinking…You can just snap a few photos in your backyard with a decent DLSR, and you’ll have your prom photos.   I know it can seem appealing to take snapshots, even selfies, but professional prom photos are a great way to document such an irreplaceable moment in your life!

If you’re going to spend weeks searching for the perfect gown, and your date is going to choose the perfect flowers and tux…well, you want photos to capture that night! 

Here’s the top 8 tips for capturing your senior prom::

  1. Try your whole ensemble on before the big day. Walk in front of a full length mirror to make sure your shoes, hem, undergarments, and slip are just right. You don’t want a stray strap to ruin your pictures!
  2. Try using group texts to keep your group updated on meeting times, arrangements and other important details. Any changes will be easy to remedy with quick text reminders to your friends!
  3. Go for the cute shoes, but try gel insoles to lessen the strain on your feet. I know, I sound like a mom, but your feet really will thank you when you don’t have aching muscles + sore back the next day.  You can also opt for a pair of the foldable ballet flats, or sparkling sneakers to change into after the dancing is done!
  4. If you’re doing photos as a group, make sure you give everyone a general schedule to make sure hair, makeup and primping is done on time. Parents also love to be present, so giving everyone the details is really a great courtesy (again, group messaging works awesome!)
  5. Remember that popular locations can be PACKED the day of your prom. Places like Ellwood House, Sycamore History Museum, NIU, and Sycamore Park, just to name a few, so if one person in your group has a picturesque backyard or private location, consider shooting photos there – no photo bombers or passerby’s!
  6. Be camera ready: The week before, gently exfoliate your face with a cleanser such as St. Ives Apricot Scrub and then lather on the moisturizer.  Stay out of the sun and keep your face clean and moisturized. Try to use a foundation & powder WITHOUT SPF to avoid the shine in your photos.
  7. Don’t forget the details. Make your hair and nail appointments early, + book your restaurant early, too. Especially if you have a large group, reservations can be hard to come by on prom night. Also make sure your date has chosen a florist in time.
  8. Lastly, choose a great, stress-free prom photographer (wink wink) who can capture all your memories in the perfect way!


prom, prom-photos, prom-tips, NIU, Ellwood-House, Sycamore-History-Museum, portrait-photographers

prom, prom-photos, prom-tips, NIU, Ellwood-House, Sycamore-History-Museum, senior-pictures, senior-photos

Northern_Illinois_Photographer_prom_0032prom, prom-photos, prom-tips, NIU, Ellwood-House, Sycamore-History-Museum

prom, prom-photos, prom-tips, NIU, Ellwood-House, Sycamore-History-Museum, portrait-photographers

Make a wish for a memorable + fun prom!




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