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Photo Session | 5 Ways To Prepare

5 ways to put more FUN in your photo session!

Let’s add FUN into your photo session planning! {Annnnnnd, less stress.}

I have 5 quick tips!

1/ Pull Together Your Wardrobe At Least 1 Week Before Your Photo Shoot

Picture this… You know the two favorite outfits you want to wear in your senior photos. The night before your session you try them on and see a hole in the front of your shirt…

{Horror! Shock! Sadness! Horror again!}

And I can list other stories of life throwing a curve ball into a senior’s wardrobe plan. If you wait until the 11th hour to prep your outfit. But the moral is that it spins you to the stress side of prep instead of the fun.

And who wants more stress? We want some FABULOUS FUN!

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By pulling together your outfits at least a week away from your photo session you have time to deal with all the curves STRESS FREE. More FUN MOMENTS – FUN – FUN – FUN!

Wardrobe includes::

  • Clothes from head to toe {yep, that means nail polish too}
  • Shoes
  • Accessories {watch, earrings, necklace, hat, jackets, bracelets…}
  • Props {ball, helmet, cap, headphones…}
  • Makeup + hair

SMP Side Note:: Press + hang each outfit, then hang your accessories {in a baggie} on that outfit’s hanger or in your shoe bag. Hang everything in the car the day before the session so nothing is left behind.

{YES! I have those stories too…The grad cap left on the table, letterman jacket sitting on the bedroom chair, cheer shorts left in the dryer.

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Senior Guy Style

2/ Be Open To Creativity

It’s not easy for some people to relax in front of a stranger + her camera. And that’s exactly why I bring out your story through movement + candid shots. When we play around it help you forget I’m holding a lens.

Distraction + misdirection + music give your brain something to focus on besides my camera.

TRUST ME when I say, “Let’s try this!” We’ll tell your story and show YOU + your high school chapter. I have fun making you look fabulous!

Listing to your favorite playlist, chatting while we shoot, playing with different props…all of it pops new things to try + play with as we shoot around creating some fun FOREVER memories!

3/ Practice Posing for your Photo Session

I know, I know, it sounds silly. But it truly helps you relax on the day of your photos. It falls under the line…

“Dance like nobody is watching” {Pose like no one’s around}

Think of it this way…Do you ever check your outfit in the mirror before you go out?

It’s the same.

You turn left, dip your shoulder, face the mirror square on in the strong Power Pose…Now just make a spin, or offset your arms, bend the elbow, turn your body in different angles.

SMP Posing Tips::

  • If it bends – bend it {knees, elbows, wrist, hips}
  • Shift your weight to the leg furtherest from the mirror {camera}
  • Your Geometry class pays off here…Make triangles {hand-to-hip triangle}
  • Try the tip-toe pose {rock from heel to toe like a dance move}
  • Step 1-2 move {few steps forward with arms in motion}
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photo session posing

4/ Find Inspiration

In our technological lives there is inspiration everywhere. Once you reserve your SMP photo session I help you with all of these pieces. That’s part of the package.

We’re telling your story + do that through your wardrobe, locations, props, activities. And maybe even dancing! No, I won’t MAKE you dance, but it’s pretty fun.😉

I have a Senior Planning Guide, Camera Ready Makeup Guide, Hair ideas for your stylist + more. On your own you can head to Pinterest, search style keywords for your year {Fall style 2021}, hashtags in Instagram, and even admire REAL LIFE style when you’re out-n-about.

Sign up for Sparkle Notes and get more inspiration, tips, + events, directly to your inbox once-a-month.

5/ Ask Me! I’m Your Portrait Session Go-To

I’m here for you! When you reserve your session with me I’m here from the moment you reserve all the way to the next time you call for photo advice or planning your personal branding photoshoot when you’re starting your career!

I offer you a goody bag full of ideas to help plan your outfits, make-up, props, locations, accessories, and even a real goodie bag…full of, well, goodies!

Preparing for your high school senior pictures, Headshot, or Personal Brand session is part of the FUN! And I’m here to give you a




from start to sparkling finish!

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