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Pinterest Images Make It Fun + Easy

Pinterest Images + pinning take us down an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole of Spring outfits, fun ways to paint nails, and recipes that even your 15-year-old would devour without a complaint. {okay, when my daughter was 15 that wasn’t the case, but that photo on my board made it dreamy enough to give it a go.}

Pinterest boards make our online life pretty + helpful when looking for wardrobe, makeup, hair, + nail ideas for your photography day!

I collect Pinterest images with you in my mind.

It’s a treasure-trove + a bit of a landmine when it comes to pretty photo ideas. You click on one photo and before you know it, your teens are asking you, “Are you coming to my game tonight?”🀣

I collect + update my Pinterest images often for you + non-photography boards for our everyday fun stuff. Because, let’s be real, you’re not thinking about photography 24/5 like I am. I do all the searching to make it easy {+FUN} for you.

My Pinterest boards + blog posts are the perfect place to get started with ideas for your wardrobe + hair style, makeup, and graduation party ideas.

If you haven’t reserved a photoshoot with me yet, collect images from my boards that show your styles. If we’re already planning together, create a “photoshoot board” with your Pinterest images. Gather photos of the styles you like for your senior pictures or upcoming personal brand shoot.

Let’s collaborate on your Pinterest Board

Once you gather up photos, share the board with me so I can start guiding + rolling it into your curated photo story.

In the Client section of the SMP website I have more detailed resources for you, like my client makeup guide if you’re doing your own for senior pictures or a headshot session.

makeup tips, makeup guide, senior photographer, headshots, personal brand photography
Shining Moments Photography Makeup Prep Guide

The SMP Pinterest boards cover::

  • Teen life
  • High school senior wardrobe {the gals + guys}
  • “Hey Mom, What’s for Dinner?” Yes, a board for that too
  • Inspiration for your week
  • Creative ways to color your nails for any occasion + season
  • Wall ideas for displaying your portraits
pinterest images, SMP, high school seniors, headshots

You are right where you need to be if you’re in the Mom-of-Teens chapter of your life story.

You’re also in the best place for that personal brand photoshoot you’ve been thinking about.

High School Seniors + Personal Brand Headshots are the cornerstone of my small business because they are a continuation of a story. Senior year is the culmination of all the at-home school years.

It’s the biggest Milestone Moment in school!

So much changes after the cap + tassel are tossed into the air. For most seniors, it’s also the time birthday 18 arrives. The title changes from “child” to “adult” whether you feel like one or not. Let’s wrap our minds around that little Mom punch for a second.

Your high school senior pictures are capturing your favorites as they are right now. This is anything from your style, your hobbies, your sports… You get to decide because it’s only your tale to tell. You get to share it with the world, or tuck all the images away in an album to treasure later.

You’re ready to move on. But don’t be so quick to move past + forget to capture pieces of the time you’re in now!

You never get this time back. It’s a one-n-done deal.

SMP Sidenote:: Did you know that after senior portraits, most people do get professional portraits except to get professional headshots {wedding day aside}.😱

As the college chapter and into the career chapter begin clients return to me for their professional headshots or branding images. Once I started to see that trend it became obvious how these two nichΓ© sessions played in creating a story through the years.

No, a traditional, classic headshot for your LinkedIn profile doesn’t create much of a story. But when we create your personal brand, your story gets good…And FUN!

My Pinterest images help you in both chapters And some everyday good stuff too..

If you’re not sure where to start planning, Follow SMP and collecting in Pinterest. And then, when you’re ready, we add the SMP Client resources + my questionnaire to guide you in the planning of a FUN PHOTOSHOOT!

I have a full client guide to help you with locations, wardrobe, styling…to make your day fun + easy + memorable.

However, sometimes you just want to scroll through the pretty images to consume ideas. And all my Pinterest Boards come in to whisk you off to pretty planning bliss!

headshots, headshot-photographer

PIN these images to your boards + Follow SMP Pinterest for more goodness to come!

florals, spring trend, senior pictures, senior girl
Pinterest Ideas for Senior Pictures | Sycamore Illinois
senior pictures, Geneva Illinois, urban location
Pin for that Urban Senior Photoshoot | Geneva Illinois

Until next week…

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P.S. Did I mention that I’m only a text away if you want advice while you’re out shopping for your Headshot or Senior session? Yes, yes I am 😊

This weeks shiny shares::

πŸ“šReading:: Find the Good by Heather Lende

πŸ“ΊWatching:: March Madness! Are you a basketball fan? This is the year Gonzaga enters the elite club with the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers {perfect season}

🍏Snacking:: Mini chocolate Cadbury eggs. My hand magnetizes to them every time I go into Target right now.πŸ™Š

πŸ’–Loving:: My personalized name bracelets from In The Grove Designs. Had them tailored in my brand colors with my Little’s names. {They’re not so little anymore, but still…}

P.P.S Oh good, you’re still here! If you’re prepping for an upcoming photoshoot, peek over at this piece too, Photo Session::5 Ways To Prepare.


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