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Mix the pretty + powerful and you have the sweet + genuine Mary. Her sweet smile might hide her hidden superpower too!

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Mary has such a kind heart and makes a genuine connection with so many around her. But for those who may not know her well, or see her academic side much; they may not know that under that sweet smile is a mathematician mind that will send numbers swirling around in your head.

I’ve witnessed Mary in the math classroom back in her middle school days. Trust me, the numbers were spinning in my head as I watched her solve complicated equations on the white board for her classmates.

I truly envy the math brain!

I can figure out the sale price of a pair pf pants I want in a flash, but much past that and I need time + pen-and-paper.

Fast-forward to her last months of high school and I get excited thinking about all the possibilities she’ll have with not only the understanding of all the elements of math, but she loves it!

When it comes to superpowers that’s one I wish I had.

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Seniors today have so many different opportunities and it’s exciting to see what paths they take leaving high school. Mary said she wants to pursue a math degree in collage.

I keep repeating myself like a broken record, but I really do love hearing the hopes + plans seniors have after high school.

Mary seems to have some amazing plans that I can’t wait to check back and see where it leads her beautiful self.


Mary’s graduated from college and landed herself a great job with her stellar math skills. They offered her the job right after her internship. She’s out there amazing so many other now with her math brilliance!

She is an exceptional girl inside and out who is turning heads out in the work world!

THANK YOU Mary + Mom for sharing your Shining Moment with me!

Cheers & Sparkles

💖Andrea | Your Senior Portrait Photographer

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Pretty + Powerful
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