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Reese Witherspoon Book Club

Have you ever read a book from Reese Witherspoon’s book club?

I’m hoping she will add this past book by Sophie Kinsella. It’s a modern social media pick-me-up reminder + it’s an easy and relaxing read to get through on your chill Sunday.

For our March books I read + listened to three again. There was a lot of cold + snowy days in February {darn groundhog}. So lets get synopsis-ing so you can pick one, or the three, up this month.


1/Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand

How I read:: I listened on Libby/Hoopla

Synopsis:: Put your thinking hat on for this one. I had to remind myself when this book was written because it can span a lot of different times in history. ‘They’ say history repeats itself if we don’t learn from it, and Ayn Rand took that to heart when she penned her 1,088-page book.

This is one of those books that deserves a second read {or listen}. The audio book does come in an abridged version. It’s a thinker. I listened to it twice. There is also a movie about it, but as my resident book lover in the house says, “It’s never as good as the book.”

Rand wrote into her philosophical ideas. And then wrote a few more pages to really keep your thoughts spinning. At first listen I thought it was a greedy, self-serving perspective of big business. My second time around I started to see sections differently. This book is really good! Not only for its premise, but from the perspective of listening when we don’t agree to bridge the divide.

Yes, this can also be a hot-button book.

But our different views come from our different experiences. The sad part, only as I see it, is that we’ve lost the ability to have a conversation with others who differ from our thoughts.

Why? That’s answered in book #3 on the lighter, fictional pages, media. I’m not saying I agree with everything in this book, but there was a lot to stop + think about,

Social media doesn’t get total blame. The three hot conversation topics we are not supposed to bring up in social settings have been swirling around for eons. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn from each other’s experiences though? I suppose that’s the classroom teacher in me coming out. But conversation can lead to great things if we could really listen to each other. Not necessarily agree, but at least listen to one another.

Well, that turned into a heavy start. The Reese Witherspoon book club wouldn’t approve of that would they?

Let’s lighten the blog mood…Let’s talk nutrition!

2/Quench by Dr. Dana Cohen

How I read:: Paperback book style

Synopsis:: Who knew there is a much better way to “drink” water?

I’ve hi-lighted + sticky-noted this book up! She gives you some medical background, case studies, + recipes in the book. And I always get hooked when there are recipes in a book.

I preach to Nick all the time about his camel-esque water-style and Quench gave me some new ideas to try to keep him hydrated. Especially since he is coming into soccer six days a week. Dr. Cohen brings in the research of gel water and how it hydrates our cells + fascia wayyyyyy better than that glass of water alone.

She also gives little tweaks we can make for those people {yes, I’m ‘those people’} who will never give up coffee. Alright, maybe never is a bit extreme, However, I’m about 99.99% sure that I’d need to become a totally different person to give up coffee.

Instead, grab your mini spinner thing and whip a teaspoon of ghee in the cup. It slows the caffeine rush.

BAMMMM! Morning coffee guilt averted {as if we had any guilt over it anyway} Another cup anyone? There are a lot of good nuggets to highlight in this book.

On to book #3…

3/My {not so} Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

How I read:: Hardcover book style

Synopsis:: No, I haven’t seen this one on Reese Witherspoon’s book club…Yet. But since she focus’ on female leads this is a great candidate. Think she’ll see this blog post and add it to the list? {Just in case, Hi Reese! You’re going to love this book😄}

I found myself saying, “Just tell her already!” a few times throughout the chapters. Communication goes a long way + how we see people on social mayyyyyy not be real life {go figure}. If you see my Instagram Stories I’ve done a few clips bringing out points from this book. It’s a light-hearted read with a real life look at how social can go so wrong.

All of the England-ish words are fun to decipher too. Make it a really fun read and polish up your London accent. Okay, so that’s just me that swaps my boring accent for an England-er? Be thankful you’re not one of my teenagers out in public when I start in on the accent. On one of our trips I became a London-er for a day. Emma + Nick walked way ahead of me that day.

I’ll leave you with one paragraph in the book to hook you::

“I think I’ve finally worked out how to feel good about life.Every time you see someone’s bright-and-shiny, remember: They have their own crappy truths too.” ~Katie Brenner

I hope you find YOUR bright-n-shiny, even if it’s hard some days. Find your shiny!

And my social media motto that I put on repeat to my teens is much shorter…

If social or an account on social doesn’t make you feel good or bring you joy – UNFOLLOW!

I do have a few Reese book club picks lined up this year. So we’ll check back with her list soon. Or if you have a recommendation from her list, I’m all ears!

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If you’d like more feel good feels…This post on loving YOU is a reminder of how great YOU ARE.

Are you just joining – or missed February? Here are the books we read last month.

And last, but no where near least, if you don’t want to chat in the comments of this post, DM me Instagram or Facebook Shine Group. I’m always up for good conversation {+ coffee}.


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