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Saying Goodbye…and Hello | Limited Edition Graduation Sessions

Saying Goodbye…and Hello

Did you think you’d be saying goodbye so fast?

On the first day of high school, everything feels so big, and so important. There are new classes, important grades to be made, + college looming far in the distance.

Well, freshmen year it seems really far away. But is flies by faster than the rabbit running off with all my lettuce leaves I planted! {True story. Hope Peter Rabbit liked his home-grown meal.}

Okay, I digress, back to YOUR MOMENT!

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In the in-between time, between first-day-as-a-freshman and the amazing senior prom, there are so many firsts and lasts.

And as the years pass by, those important firsts gradually dissolve into lasts, marking the end of high school and so many memories.

  • The last homecoming game
  • The last prom photos
  • The last basketball game
  • The very last time you’ll fill out those college applications
  • The last report cards and transcripts arriving in your mailbox

THEN comes the moment when your cap and gown arrive.

You slide your fingers along that slippery bright satin sash, the silky tassel on your cap, and realize this is it! Once you hold that cap and gown, it becomes truly real that you are closing the very last page of your high school chapter.

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That’s just why that cap and gown should be commemorated, with a limited edition session.

Why not close this chapter with a fun session? You can include your best friend, mom and dad, or just YOU in that graduation attire that you’ve worked so hard for.

It’s always a fun time before walking on that stage in the final high school farewell! Say goodbye to high school in style, and say HELLO to the bright future ahead!

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saying-goodbye to high school days

Cheers & a whole lot of graduation sparkle!

đŸ’–Andrea | High School Senior Photographer

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