Mom wants senior pictures too guys

Senior Portraits High School Guys

It’s a day for senior portraits with high school guys + 3 quick tips to make your senior pictures EASY and FUN.

I’m excited to share a guy’s session today! Although they may not be filled with as much fanfare as the ladies, a guy’s senior session is just as FUN!

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Senior portraits story

SMP senior portraits help tell the story of senior year for parents and seniors to treasure for years to come.

I have a son, I get it!

Senior guys are not over the moon to see me + my camera, but when it’s over I always get a, “That wasn’t painful at all,” or “Thanks for not torturing me.”

Some rendition of those comments follow a guy session. And that’s as good as saying, “That was my best day EVER!” {Yeah, I know that one’s a stretch.}

This guy I’m posting today was a true country boy, with a little rock-n-roll edge. He also knew exactly what he wanted to include: his truck, guitar, and commemorative rifle that celebrates his journey to becoming an Eagle Scout.

We had lots of country roads for him to show off his truck on, too! While I was adjusting my lighting during our session, I asked him to sit and play for awhile, and I never expected to hear Stairway to Heaven coming from his strings!

Not too shabby!

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senior portraits in high school

I also wanted to share three simple tips for all my guy clients::

I always want to make sure every senior who books with me gets the session that tells their senior story. Here’s a few ways to do just that:

1/ Bring at least one prop that helps showcase your personality

I love when a senior includes things like their musical instruments and I get to record just what makes them special. Things like a special hat showing off a favorite team, an athletic jersey, or letterman jacket will bring individuality to your senior portraits from high school.

2/ Take care of your skin and health before your shoot {well always really}::

I know that you probably have about a million things going during your senior year, like deadlines, scholarship applications and college tours. But, try to get good rest for the days leading up to your session. A well-rested you looks much better in your portraits. A good moisturizer will also help you look bright, relaxed and hydrated (yep, moisturizer is not just something for the girls!}

3/ Get your hair cut and shave::

Aim for a fresh hair cut before your session if you have short hair. Cut it at least a week before the shoot. Clean shaven is always a nice addition.

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Another place for senior guys can get my help is through Pinterest. I have a Senior Portraits |Guy Board ready and waiting.

Have some unique ideas for your senior shoot? I’d love to hear them + capture your senior portraits of high school. Please contact me today!

Cheers & Sparkles to your year Senior Guys!

đŸ’–Andrea |Your Senior Guy Photographer

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