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Senior Guy + The Memories They Give Their Mom’s

Hey there Senior guy you’ve got it together! I see you! And this year, I’m seeing a bunch of senior guys.

I typically have four to five senior guys on my calendar. Because lets be real…As a senior photographer I don’t make the top 10 list of fun things in the senior year for the guys. But my calendar was full of guy style this year so the word must be out that SMP really is PRETTY AWESOME, relaxed, and since she has a son herself knows something about high school guys!

And you know what that means…

A very awesome senior Mom memory to hold forever!

What to go senior guys! Senior guys are showing up in style too! Alright, so I help Mom with that part before the shoot, but I have to make it easy for Mom PLUE FUN for seniors.

batavia, batavia-photographers, batavia-il, senior-guys, senior-season, senior-portraits, senior-pictures, senior-photos, sycamore-il, illinois-photographers, st-charles-photographers, st-charles-il

As a celebration for all the senior guy session recently I’m buying a step-stool. Real exciting huh? If you’ve stood next to me you know this is a pretty big deal…All 5-foot-3-inches of me. It must be something in the veggies now, because these guys are WAY TALLER than me + my camera!

Most senior guys don’t hate having senior portraits, but they aren’t necessarily planning their session for weeks in advance either.

They do however love Mom + having THIS memory is something they’re willing do for her.

I say it all the time, but this really is the Year of Lasts!

Having senior pictures is a big deal for both Mom + Senior.  We take hundreds, if not thousands of photos of the baby + toddler years. They are so cute and cuddly little boys.

But there is a huge gap between those toddler years to senior year. True, there are family portraits over the years, but in the craziness of senior year, senior portraits get forgotten or our boys groan so loudly about them that we give in and snap those passing by photos with our phone and say, “Maybe I can use these to make his graduation card.”

{I know you can’t see it through your screen, but I’m cringing over here. Almost on the verge of diving into a chocolate bar to sooth myself}

These senior boys this year have stepped up in a big way. HUGE WAY to give their Mama some forever memories. And if just one guy is reading this right – JUST ONE, THANK YOU for giving your mom a gift that means the world to her. And for the senior guys who think it’s too much work to have a senior session, Check out these three tips. I have a whole lot more to share too on how easy + FUN I can bring to your final senior memory.

You might not think senior pictures are as exciting as your college visits and getting THE acceptance letter. Or all the fun last basketball games, concerts, or the school musical. But, this last chapter only HAPPENS ONCE!

A lot of things will change next Fall.

senior-portraits, senior-pictures, senior-photos, sycamore-il, illinois-photographers, guy-style

Stopping to get this moment right now becomes special in telling that final chapter of school at home.

Brett’s a busy senior guy but he stopped to fit in his senior moment for Mom. Due to his varsity soccer schedule, rainy days + a few unpredictable events, it took us 3 times to get his senior portraits captured. But we’re a persistent bunch! And now Mom has them FOREVER!

His Mom is so funny! Each time we rescheduled she kept saying the words, “it’s meant to be” and the song Florida Georgia Line, “Meant to be” kept popping in my head. Songs pop in my head all the time, and maybe that’s why I ask seniors for their favorite songs or playlists. Another FUN WAY to keep you mind of the camera and just have fun!

As you can see from a few of his images, it was MEANT TO BE!

Brett is one respectful, super tall, cool senior guy, and I’m grateful Mom asked me to be a part of his senior year moment!

“If it’s meant to be, then baby it’s meant to be!”

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batavia, batavia-photographers, batavia-il, senior-season, senior-portraits, senior-pictures, senior-photos, sycamore-il, illinois-photographers, st-charles-photographers, st-charles-il
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💖-Andrea | Your High School Senior Photographer

P.S. Fall is a popular time, I mean REALLY POPULAR! If you have a Fall backdrop wish for your senior portraits think ahead and CONTACT TODAY!


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